The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Project Terminated – Ep#58

This week on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour we chat with Erik Simonsen, author of the newly released book…PROJECT TERMINATED Famous Military Aircraft Cancellations of the Cold War and What Might Have Been.

Throughout history production contracts for military aircraft programs have been awarded and then cancelled as political, technological and operational dictates mandated. Many legendary aircraft like the Northrop YB-49A Flying Wing, the Canadian CF-105 Arrow and the Lockheed YF-12A Mach 3 interceptor were actually built and flown successfully before being cancelled.

We talk about these and more, plus we’ll also tell you how you can enter to WIN a FREE copy of this great book!

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2 Responses to “The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Project Terminated – Ep#58”
  1. John Smith says:

    Hi Plastic Scale modelers, thoroughly enjoyed Erik Simonsen and also highly recommend his book (which I’m reading). One thing of interest from the podcast, however: though Soviet PVO radars had tracked Powers U-2 for hundreds of miles, it was the very SA-2 fired that brought him down. However, the Sam crews were unsure of what had happened and several more (8 or 9, I forget which) were fired. One of those brought down one of the two Mig-19’s that had been launched as interceptors, killing the pilot. The U-2 was not hit directly but its tail was blown off by the blast while at altitude. I’m up on this because I just finished Chris Pocock’s book titled The U-2 Spyplane: Toward the Unknown: The Early Years, another great book. Pocock, who interviewed Powers and several others to confirm this, is nicknamed “Mr. U-2”; I can see why after the book. HIs book covers from 1952 beginning with original need for such an aircraft through 1960 and Powers’ repatriation and subsequent hearings about the shoot down; it’s fascinating and through; among other things it tells why the idea that Powers had come down to a lower altitude before being hit became commonplace. Only bad thing is that now I’ve gotta have a U-2 C and probably an R – which means a lotta of panel lines to engrave on those old Testors kits…Maybe I’ll have to build a F-12B from Simonsen’s book, too, more panel lines, which I consider one of the more dislikable tasks in our hobby. But thanks to Eric and Hawkeye for an interesting show – John

  2. John Smith says:

    Oops, omitted a key word above: it was the very first Sam launched that got Powers…John

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