The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Model Addict – Ep#40

This week on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour we chat with someone who has taken his addiction to scale modeling further by creating a website and a new magazine…Scale Model Addict. Join me as I chat with Scott Girvan who is the plastic addict behind this new magazine which he hopes are in scale modelers hands worldwide soon.

You’ll also learn how to WIN some great Scale Modeling DVDs from Video Workbench!

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2 Responses to “The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Model Addict – Ep#40”
  1. John Smith says:

    Hawkeye, I am sorry to make this comment, and it is submitted in the spirit of friendship as a fellowmodeler – but your show is not the Plastic Scale Modeler Hour. A more accurate title would be The Plastic Scale Modeler BUSINESS Hour. I was excited when the show started and made listening to it a priority. Unhappily, I seldom listen any more. I’m an avid modeler and had a business with a successful 5 year run producing resin detail parts. I’lm also a former USAF pilot and and aviation history nut. But I’m not interested in hearing about the problems of running a local hobby shop or starting a magazine – or any other business. But that the focus more often than not on your show, and I listen very rarely. I loved, for example, the interview with Frank Cuden; why not interview Bob Steinbrun, in Frank’s area. But the business leaves me absolutely cold. Yes, I appreciate those involved, and I show my appreciation by spending a significant amount of money in our hobby. But do shows about the plastic, not the biz. You can do so much better; until you do – you’re minus this listener most episodes…Wish you well, John

  2. Gerald Voigt says:

    Thanks for your comments. Fist, I want to cover all aspects of the hobby…products, mfrs, distributors, retailers and modelers. To get the straight scoop. As well as folks that might inspire someone to enter or return to the hobby or build a subject the my guest talked about…ie authors. Some out there are interesting in learning more about entering the hobby as a business or working for one.

    I extend invitations to anyone who will listen. On each episode I ask if anyone wants to be on the show to share their passion for the hobby. I ask, but the person getting the invite has to want to do it for it to happen. Strange how so many will ramble on for hours talking about scale modeling and their jaws lock up at the instant you ask them to be a guest. LOL

    I have asked a few who are fantastic modelers who agreed to do the show but only if they are compensated for their time. That isn’t in the budget (yet), if it were then I could start drawing a salary for the time I invest in the planning, production and promoting of this show each week.

    John, as I have responded to others who had comments about the content of the show, how about being a guest to talk about what interests you and how you do your building? Share your techniques, tips and story. What’s a good day and time for you?

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