The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour-Big Rigs-Ep#35

For those who are serving or have served, some of you may have had the task of operating or working BIG Rigs as part of your duties. I for one did and it gave me an incentive to build models of those rigs I once operated.

This week on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour we chat with fellow modeler and BIG Rig builder Tim Ahlborn about building heavy haulers. Haulers that support commerce around the globe as well as part of our military.

You can also visit Tim’s website Tim’s Trucks to see what Tim builds and the fantastic references his site offers inspiring BIG Rig builders.

Cover Picture: A US Air Force – GMC Astro 95 10 ton tractor at Suwon AB, ROK cira 1984 in the Traffic Management Office Freight Yard. The containers you see are metal shipping containers for the A-10 Warhog’s 30mm cannon. In those days, spent brass was recycled back to the USA, these containers were packed full of spent brass and ready for shipment. The containers once back in the USA were refilled with fresh ammo and shipped to A-10 units worldwide. Image courtesy of: Gerald Voigt

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