The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Belcher Bits – Ep#21

WARBIRD RADIO – Scale models are made up of various parts, but when you want to turn something ordinary into something unique you need a few assorted specialty bits. One such resource for those bits is Belcher Bits. Joining us this week on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour is Master Modeler, Michael Belcher who founded Belcher Bits in 1994.

Belcher Bits is one of the many smaller ‘garage kit’ manufacturers in the aftermarket business today. Its proprietor, Mike Belcher, is a  retired professional engineer who worked for the Canadian Navy in Ottawa. Mike has been a modeller for 25 years, most of that time as an avid scratchbuilder interested in Russian armour, naval aviation, helicopters and Star Trek ships. Mike is also a keen supporter of IPMS Canada and has been editor of the national publication, RT since 1982.

This week, Belcher Bits is providing listeners the opportunity to WIN two of their latest releases. Listen in to learn how you can be one of two lucky winners of these great resources for your modeling projects.

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6 Responses to “The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Belcher Bits – Ep#21”
  1. James Deck says:

    Going to be another great show but I’ll have to listen later. Club meeting tonight. That BOMARC is sweet! Is that a Belcher Bits product? WOW! 1/48 scale right? Sure, only in my dreams.

    Don’t forget about WestFest 2012 this Saturday the 28th in Grand junction, Colorado USA. If you’re in the area please come on out. We plan on having a great time and a great show to boot.

    Have a great show tonight Hawkeye!

  2. Mark Sprayberry says:

    BoMARC stand for Boeing Michigan Aeronautical Reaserch Center.

  3. Howard Garcia says:

    BOMARC stands for Boeing and Michigan Aeronautical Research Center.

  4. Ed Shelnutt says:

    Boeing and Michigan Aerospace Research Center = BOMARC :)

  5. Daniel Williams says:

    Awesome show, and loved listening to it live with the chat and look forward to listening to Vladimir next week.
    BOMARC stands for the Boeing and Michigan Aeronautical Research Center. Can’t wait for next week!

  6. cj johnson says:

    Boeing (Bo) and the University of Michigan Aeronautical Research Center (marc)

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