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WARBIRD RADIO – For many of us the name Howard Pardue is synonymous with the Bearcat.  His timeless aerobatic demonstration has wowed crowds for decades.  Growing up in the CAF some of my earliest memories are of Mr. Pardue flying one of his “cats”.  Simply put…Mr. Pardue was the real deal.  He was a US Marine Corp Aviator, Reno Air Racer and air show pilot extraordinaire.

There’s absolutely no telling how many lives have been touched by his flying.  I’m confident as I write this message… numerous pilots flying today owe their first inspiration for flight to Mr. Pardue.  After numerous request… I think it’s fitting to setup this tribute page in hopes many of you will share your memories on this page.  Simply follow the instructions below to post your comments.   God Speed Mr. Pardue…

Matt Jolley
Warbird Radio.com

NOTE – for those of you looking for information on aviation accidents WarbirdRadio.com is not the place.  As a practice we never publish information on accidents.  It’s our practice to leave accident reports to the NTSB.  Please be respectful of this or your comments will be pulled.


One Response to “God Speed Mr. Pardue – Tribute Page”
  1. Dan Jones says:

    I never met the man but I was privileged to see him fly the Bearcat one year at Oshkosh . My condolences to all his family and friends.

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