Doolittle Tokyo Raider Ed Saylor – LIVE TONIGHT – Show Starts 5pm – 8pm (EASTERN)

MONDAY – As our pledge drive continues this evening we’re excited to welcome Doolittle Tokyo Raider Ed Saylor.  Mr. Saylor was the engineer on Crew 15 and nearly missed the event.  Hear his seldom discussed story tonight as we work to raise money for the upcoming 70th Doolittle Tokyo Raiders Reunion.  The pledge drive kicks off at 5pm (EASTERN) and runs until 9pm (EASTERN) this evening.  Our sincere thanks for your support!

Special Offers For Donors –

$50.00 gift receives a copy of the  68th Doolittle Raiders Reunion Remembered by

$100.00 gift will receive a Lt.Col Dick Cole autographed B-25 profile print

$500.00 gift will receive a Lt. Col Dick Cole autographed photograph by Robert Seale

To make a donation just send us an email and we’ll send over the secure PayPal link for your tax deductible gift.


STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio

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