The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – The F-18 Hornet – Episode #10

WARBIRD RADIO – The US Navy celebrated its Centennial Of Naval Aviation and as part of that celebration several aircraft were given retro paint schemes including two versions of the F-18. This week on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour we learn more about what it was like to fly the CONA F-18s from one of the demo pilots who flew them. LT Alex “Scribe” Armatas, from VFA-122 “Flying Eagles.”

He’ll share what it was like to perform at airshows such as AirVenture, flying both the Legacy Hornet and the Super Hornet during the Heritage Flights to celebrating 100 years of Naval Aviation. You’ll have you chance to call in with your questions about the Hornets and the Navy. We’ll discuss what it is like to fly an F-18 Hornet from a steel island in the middle of the ocean. So Rhino fans be sure to tune in!

We’ll be talking about modeling the F-18 too! So grab your F-18 Hornet and Super Hornet kits, accessories, references and articles from your stash, its time to take notes and hopefully listening to his program will get you motivated to get building an F-18!

To see a few of the images I took of Scribe and the CONA F-18s at AirVenture…CLICK HERE

Xuron Corp has stepped up once again to provide this week’s Door Prize so, be sure to listen how you can qualify to WIN some great scale modeling tools!

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4 Responses to “The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – The F-18 Hornet – Episode #10”
  1. george venard says:

    love your show

  2. John Lanning says:

    We all know that flight demos at airshows are an important recruiting tool. Unforltunately, the Air Force announced last year that they are eliminating some of thier flight demo teams and scaling back the rest of thier flight demonstrations during airshows. What are the Navy’s plans for thier flight demos and static displays for the next few years? Should we expect the Navy to do what the Air Force did?

  3. Bob Delaney says:

    Interesting hearing the guest’s comments comparing legacy Hornets to Super Hornets. Living here in St. Louis (with the F/A-18 series is built), we have quite a bit of interest in how well this aircraft is received.

  4. Bob Delaney says:

    Question for Scribe: When he first flew the CONA F/A-18, did he know much about the history of the unit being depicted by that aircraft’s color scheme?

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