The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – What-If Modeling – Episode 7

WARBIRD RADIO – This week on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour we take a look into the creativity that What-If Modeling offers.

“What if…?” It is a question often asked when looking back, but more importantly looking forward as a possible course of action.

The artistic creativity of this category of scale modeling more often than not provides us with excitement by taking something ordinary and making it exceptional.

It has allowed modelers to take a concept towards creating something surreal, such as the ultimate fighter aircraft…Remember the Mig 31 in the movie Firefox? Or imagine the highly modified B-52 in the series of books by Dale Brown, starting with The Flight of the Old Dog…the Megafortress!

Joining us for this episode all the way  from the United Kingdom, Kit Spackman. Kit will share his insights and passion for What-If Scale Modeling.

Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM Eastern

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