The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Scale Modeling Resolutions – Episode 6

Happy New Year!

WARBIRD RADIO – Join Hawkeye this week on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour as we share our New Year’s Scale Modeling Resolutions, those things you pledge to do and not do!

We’ll also have as my guest, Frank Cuden. Frank is a Master Modeler who’s models not only gain attention on the exhibit table but also on the pages of many of the scale modeling magazines we love to read.

This episode is sponsored in part by Sam Publications, who produce Scale Aviation Modeler International, Model Aircraft, Scale Military Modeler International as well as several other books and magazines of interest to scale modelers. Listeners will have an opportunity to WIN a one year subscription to any one of the Sam Publication’s magazines! Post your New Year’s Scale Modeling Resolution as a comment to this post. We’ll pick the winner LIVE during the show’s broadcast.

Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM Eastern

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16 Responses to “The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Scale Modeling Resolutions – Episode 6”
  1. Bob Delaney says:

    My New Year’s Scale Modeling Resolution: Build and finish more and better models in 2012.

  2. Brent Sauer says:

    I did not finish a single model in 2011. So, my primary resolution is to finish a couple of kits in 2012. My secondary resolution is to finally purge my collection of the kits I will never build and the reference books I no longer need.

  3. EhV8R says:

    My New Year’s Modelling Resolution(s): expand my scratch building skills, improve my cockpit work and HAVE MORE FUN!!!!

  4. mec011 says:

    My resolutions: Finish all of the started projects languishing on my workbench. In addition, I’d like to start and finish six kits over the year. I’d also like to have one kit finished to a high enough (personal) standard to show at the IPMS nationals in August.

  5. raymond ketchem says:

    My resolutions are to finish two planes I am working on and to get to more airshows this year. Enjoy your show.

  6. Tim Wilding says:

    To buy my 11 year old nephew and 9 year daughter a kit, then have then sit at my workbench and help them build their first kits.

  7. spookythecat says:

    Clean off my bench! I just had my first experience where I actually couldn’t find something. Once it gets to that point it’s time to reorganize.

  8. allan murrell says:

    My Modelling Resolution is to help my IPMS club try to get more young people into this great hobby and spread the word at local schools etc… Lets get this hobby kick started again with the future modellers out there. P.S. great show keep it up.

  9. John Bollig says:

    My resolution is to buy less models and to build more models. I have started a concept plane which is a hobby boss P 51 D Navalized version. Got most of it done already….

  10. blunce says:

    My resolution is to be more productive while actually at my workbench, and to try to minimize time at the PC which I could/should instead be working on plastic!

  11. graham causer says:

    My New Years Resolution is to have Frank Cuden SHOW me how he builds those fantastic models!

  12. John Hayes says:

    Having not completed a plastic model in a few years, my New Years resolution is to complete a Italeri G.91, as well as build a A-1H Skyraider alongside my 6 yr old son as he works one of his own.

    Great show


  13. Davo87 says:

    My resolution is to complete the egg plane diorama that I started last year and spend more time with my 10 year old son (and 7 year old daughter) teaching them how to build plastic models!

  14. wayne cassell says:

    to finish more shelf queens than start new kits. also concentrate on models that have to be transported by car due to soze of kit and case since NATs 2013 is up the road from me.

  15. graham causer says:

    Good to hear Frank on your programme – I’m listening all the way from England…..! Maybe I should knock on his door sometime this year and he can show me how its all done :-))

  16. Mark Jacques says:

    My resolution is to finish at least half of the started shelf queens on my shelves. Oh, and to build one of the aircraft models in the stash.

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