The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Metal Resource – Ep #8

Albion Alloys Precision Metals is the Metal Resource modelers turn to.

Joining me this week on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour to discuss how Albion Alloys can help you build a better model is Matthew John, Product Manager at Albion Alloys.

Matthew is a modeler himself, hence the natural cross over to the hobby industry not only for the excellent line of metal products, but the importation and distribution of other product lines into the UK and Europe.

Whether you are looking for a simple and accurate way to replicate something as simple as a telescoping antenna or building the framework of a aircraft or car model, Albion Alloys has what you need.

Visit the Albion Alloys Facebook page and post a comment thanking them for their support of this program and you’ll be qualified for this week’s Door Prize Giveaway courtesy of Albion Alloys. An $80 USD selection of Albion Alloy produts.  If you’re not on Facebook, please leave a comment below. UPDATE: You have until Noon Eastern on Jan 26th to post your comments. We’ll announce the winner on the show that evening.

Learn more about and check out how I have used Albion Alloys products in my scale modeling projects by visiting my Squawkbox.

Thursday evenings at 7:00 PM Eastern

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6 Responses to “The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Metal Resource – Ep #8”
  1. John Hayes says:

    Thanks for the great show.

    Also thanks to Albion alloys for supporting the Plastic Scale Modeling Hour . I have used K&S products but had found it to be a bit too large for my chosen scale (1/48). I will have a look for the Albion products for my current and next projects.


  2. Jason Fulbright says:

    I am glad to see the word starting to spread about these awesome products. Fine detailing and building is so much better with telescoping parts.

  3. Bigasshammm says:

    I had never heard of this company but it sounds like a huge winner. Nice to see a company embrace modeling and make products along with their regular line of products just for modelers. Thanks to Albion for the great show as well. Very informative.

    I’ll definitely keep them in mind when looking for some detailing parts.


  4. John Admire says:

    Thanks Albion for your support of the modeling community and the Plastic Scale Modeling Hour!

  5. Tim Wilding says:

    I am listening to the podcast now. Seems like too much other stuff going on at night to listen live. I like the idea to replace the smaller plastic parts with metal, like landing gear or antennas. I have brokes so many small parts off finished kits while painting or weathering. Got to work on my soldering techniques now.

  6. Scott Spahr says:

    I just saw the “slide fit tube slection pack’ at Spru Bros. That’s a great way to sell the tubing, IMO.

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