When The Thunderchief Roared – The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Ep4

WARBIRD RADIO – Coming next on The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour we open up the “T.O. Library” to take a look back at what it was like to fly the F-105 Thunderchief and F-4 Phantom II during the Vietnam War. Who better to share such insights than a pilot who flew both during the war. Join me and my very special guest Ed Rasimus on Thursday, December 15th at 7:00 PM Eastern.

Ed flew more than 250 combat mission in the F-105 Thunderchief and F-4 Phantom II during the Vietnam Conflict earning the Distinguished Flying Cross five times and numerous Air Medals. He has authored books including “When Thunder Rolled” and “Palace Cobra”. As our guest he will talk about those experiences and I’m sure we as modelers will glean some useful tidbits of information as well as inspiration for our F-105 and F-4 scale modeling projects.

Dust off your USAF F-105 and F-4 scale models, snap a picture and TUNE IN to find out how you can qualify to win something special as part of our next Door Prize Giveaway!

Check out Ed’s blog which he calls Thunder Tails.

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One Response to “When The Thunderchief Roared – The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Ep4”
  1. Marshall Blythe says:

    Thanks for having Ed Rasimus on your show. I’ve read both of Ed’s books and I highly recommend them. When building model planes it’s sometimes easy to obsess over small details while missing the big picture about why these planes existed and what kind of men flew them. Ed’s books provide a much needed historical perspective from someone who was actually there in Vietnam putting his life on the line.

    Ed: thank you for your service to our country!

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