The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Let’s Talk About Airbrushes-Ep 5

WARBIRD RADIO – On this episode (Dec 29th, 2011) of The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour the topic will be Airbrushing and joining me as my guest will be Raymond Wong of Grex Airbrushes.

Raymond and I will discuss basic fundamentals of airbrushing as well as answer general airbrushing questions from listeners. We’ll also discuss and answer questions about Grex’s full line of airbrushes and accessories.

Grex Airbrush has generously donated a Tritium TG3 Airbrush for this episode’s Door Prize Giveaway! To WIN all you have to do is post a comment or question to this post. Just click the Leave A Comment link below to open the comment window. You have until showtime to post your comment. Raymond will pick a winner from those leaving comments and I’ll announce the winner on the next episode of The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour.

Thanks to Grex Airbrush and Raymond Wong for their support of The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour!

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41 Responses to “The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – Let’s Talk About Airbrushes-Ep 5”
  1. David Beckmann says:

    Love the show, Hawkeye! Eagerly anticipate each one. Have a great and blessed Christmas!

  2. Daniel Buchmeier says:

    Can’t wait for the next episode! I met Ray from Grex in SoCal at one of the AMPS Chapter meetings and also at OrangeCon. I got to try the Grex airbrush and loved it! Due to hard times I still haven’t had the chance to pick one up. I am stuck manhandling my old Badger. This site is a great idea Hawkeye! Keep it up!

  3. Adam Coleman says:

    it took me a while, and I am finally on to WBR and to the Grex.. look out little springy Green thing…… we have just about found each other!

  4. Tim Jones says:

    Christmas is a necessity. There has to be at least one day of the year to remind us that we’re here for something else besides ourselves. ~Eric Sevareid

    Happy New Year everyone!

  5. dbsmith88 says:

    I’d love to try one of the TG3 airbrushes. I’ve got carpal tunnel syndrome and prolonged use of a conventional airbrush aggravates the condition. I’m thinking that the pistol grip would work a lot better for those long sessions at the bench.

    Happy Holidays!

  6. urei says:

    I’d like to win the airbrush if it hasn’t been decided yet. Didn’t know about the Plastic Scale Modeling Hour. I”ll certainly be tuned in this week! Thanks.

  7. Davo87 says:

    Great shows Hawkeye! You have got me started back in plastic models after a long hiatus. My son and I are building a Star Wars AT-AT Walker and I just received a 1:48 Trumpeter Wyrven and 1:72 PBY-5A Catalina “Black Cat” for Christmas! I smell the sweet aroma of plastic model cement in the air this New Year! Keep bringing the great guests (and contests) to the show. I really am enjoying them!

  8. Thomas Gernhuber says:

    I am working with Harder & Steenbeck after i worked a longtime with my trusty Badger 150. Just sitting over the
    new 1/72 RoG Ju 88. Keep bringing the great guests to the show. I really am enjoying them!

  9. Bigasshammm says:

    Always a great show to listen to while modeling. Happy New Year Hawkeye and everyone else!

  10. gerald haislet says:

    looking forward to the show gerald. i love airbrushing.

  11. gerald haislet says:

    iam working on a f-82 and a spitfire model.

  12. blunce says:

    Keep up the good work Gerald! Glad to see this seems catching on.

  13. sapguy says:

    So here’s my question for the guest. How do you know when your paint mixture is properly diluted? I know that it’s supposed to be the consistency of milk… but is there another visual way to determine that the paint is properly diluted?

  14. Tim Wilding says:

    Hawkeye, I have enjoy listening to your first 4 episodes.

    I have been looking about getting a new gravity feed airbrush. Right now I am leaning towards either a Badger Patriot or Krome, so I will be interested in listening and learning about a Grex airbrush.

    My biggest problem with a regular airbrush is the somewhat awkward way you have to hold it and push the trigger down. I can see where a Grex would be much more comfortable.

    I am curious how the trigger works on these dual action airbrushes compaired to a regular one.

  15. Harold Phillips says:

    My question is: I am planning to do some 1/72 scale model planes. Presently been working on 1/35 scale. I am using a Badger airbrush with a Medium tip. Should I switch to the fine tip when airbrushing a smaller scale. Thanks folks.

  16. Zachary Baughman says:

    Hoping to make the jump to air brushes in 2012 (and actually get some projects finished!).

  17. Del Miller says:

    Haven’t had the opportunity to meet Ray but look forward to hearing what he has to say. Never to late to learn something.

  18. Thomas Gernhuber says:

    @sapguy says : For the right mixture of airbrushpaint you can use a tisssue and a toothstick. Put your mixture on the stick and than let it run on the tissue. If you have the same effect like you would do this with blood than your mixture is right. If you want do this mathematical : 50/50 mixture runs fine

  19. camel65 says:

    I am looking forward to the show tonight…I need all the help i can get on airbrushing!

  20. Ed Shelnutt says:

    I’ve only seen the Grex in ads. I like the ergnomics employed in the design and would really enjoy the opportunity to give one a test drive; lots of projects on the bench :)

  21. Brent Sterling says:

    Hope to catch it. Interesting topic.

  22. Barney Millisor says:

    I used an Aztek for several years and switched to a Badger Krome when they first came out. I unfortunately have arthritis in both hands from “service related” injuries (32 years in the Army & Air Force) and have been looking at the Grex. I have been unable to find a dealer in the Cleveland area and am reticent to buy a new brush (at this price point) without the aid of a demonstration. Where is the closest dealer?

  23. Greg Reynolds says:

    I’m looking forward to this evening’s segment. One of our local IPMS members swears by his Grex with the pistol trigger. I’ve been a Badger guy for 40 years and I can understand the attraction. The only reason I don’t have arthritis in my index figure is I don’t finish enough models!

  24. mec011 says:

    I’ve always been curious what the proper recommended way to clean an internal mix airbrush is, both between colors and at the end of a spraying session. Any pro tips or products to make this easier?

    Also, what should the normal air pressure ranges be for spraying enamel and acrylic?

    When it works, airbrushing is a delight, but it’s often seems as if there is a great deal of alchemy involved in getting it right, which is frustrating for a beginner like myself.

  25. Elly Pratt says:

    Looking forward in listening to the show tonight.

  26. Mark Norman says:

    Of the questions I get about the hobby, airbrushes are the most frequent. It’s a word-of-mouth sell for many brands.

  27. Paul Sarbacker says:

    I think a radio program about scale modeling is brilliant ! Explain to me what the benefits of using your airbrush over leading brands and even generic airbrushes. I build mostly 1/48 German WWI aircraft and 1/72 scale armor. I need an airbrush that can give me controlable fine lines for the armor and clean pattern for the aircraft. I look forward to hearing you speak Greg. Don`t be a stranger…..

  28. Paul Sarbacker says:

    I apologize Raymond for calling you Greg, I must have mixed that up with Grex. All those turpentine and glue fumes as a younger man seem to have caught up with me, thank goodness for acrylics !!!!!!!!!

  29. Joseph Montanti says:

    The DVD on cleaning the airbrush that came with the set was most helpfull. Thanks for such a great product.

  30. Hector Lopez says:

    I see a Grex airbrush in the past AMT contest in Europe, one of the top figure european modeler uses, and I was amazed how the airbrush performs.
    Cheers from Mexico!

  31. Thanks to Warbird Radio and now this great show (thanks Hawkeye!), I have started building plastic models again for the first time in almost 30 years!

    Lookin forward to tonight’s show since I am in the market for an airbrush. I need to replace the one I used many moons ago!

  32. Harvey Boyer says:

    Hello Gerald. Curious. Have you tried these airbrushes with your own paints? Like to know if you had any problems with your aluminum , both acrylic and enamel. Thanks , Harv

  33. Brent Sauer says:

    I finally get to catch an episode of The Scale Modeling Hour. Will the ‘player’ work with a Nook tablet?
    Im especially interested in tonights episode as I have struggled to find a good airbrush and consequently improve my airbrushing skills.

  34. Andrew Gaitan says:

    I would be interested to know how easy the Grex Airbrushes are to use and maintain.

  35. Harvey Boyer says:

    One other one. How fine of detail work can be done with the Grex? Fine enough for preshading and fine detail work? Thanks,Harv

  36. wayne cassell says:

    getting serious into ship models, predreanought era and modern. painting is not as forgiving as with 1/35 armor. i also want to start doing more detail and weathering (more armor than ships). and i only airbrush with acrylics though i prime with enamel.

  37. Mark Norman says:

    I mix my paints in the airbrush cup. It seems to work for me….is it advisable? Afterward I poor the excess paint back into the paint container (thinner and all)

  38. Mark Norman says:

    Some modelers break down and clean their airbrush after every session? Is that needed?

  39. Brent Sauer says:

    Mark, I pour my excess back into the jar also. I also clean my airbrush every time I change colors and end an airbrushing session.

    On a side note, I apparently am not able to listen to Warbird Radio with my Nook tablet. Thats too bad since myblaptop is in the shop.

  40. dbsmith88 says:

    Thanks so much guys! I’m still in shock that I won the TG3 since I’ve never won anything! LOL

  41. Dale Tremain says:

    Unfortunately I missed the show tonight ,I am looking forward to the podcast being posted.Keep up the great work.
    Happy New Year to all.

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