Tonight Is The Night! – The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – 8pm (EASTERN)

WARBIRD RADIO – TONIGHT at 8PM Eastern we bring you our new show…The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour!

Be sure to tune in as “Hawkeye” kicks off the new show with his special guest Zack Baughman as they discuss EAA’s Big Dream’s… Little Wings modeling exhibit, ScaleVenture Model Contest and much more!

Listeners will also be able to learn how they can qualify to WIN some great DOOR PRIZES that most modelers would find a welcome addition to their workshop and stash. But the only way you can WIN is to listen to find out what the prizes are and who provided them.

Listeners will be able to participate in the show either by phone, Skype or via LIVE CHAT.

Studio Line: 478.787.4768

So be sure to join us as we launch this TEST SHOT episode of The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour!


One Response to “Tonight Is The Night! – The Plastic Scale Modeling Hour – 8pm (EASTERN)”
  1. Jozsef Szadvari says:

    Hi “Hawkeye”!
    I started listening to your show last week and was very impressed with the content. I am a 67 year old plastic modeler (Luftwaffe only) and started “re-modeling” about two years ago. It has been a very humbling experience, as new “challenges” come up in the building and painting process. My most current “challenge” is attempting to construct a fuselage belly antenna, something like this – I___i___i i___i___i on the belly of a He115 and Ju88A and Ju88G aircraft. I built a jig to hold the vertical pieces made of sprew and then I ATTEMPTED to glue the horizontal pieces (2) with Testors regular tube glue. This did NOT work. Would super glue gel be easier and work better? The jig works well, but not the glue. HELP!!!

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