The Warbird Rescue Hour – Thursday 8/4/11 – 8pm (EASTERN)

The Warbird Rescue Hour - 8pm (EASTERN)

WARBIRD RADIO – The Warbird Rescue Hour is back this week with an all new show. Tune in this Thursday (8/4/11) at 8pm EASTERN and enjoy the broadcast.  Your calls and comments are always welcome.  Thanks for tuning in!

QUICK LINK:  Warbird Rescue

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE:  warbirdradio



One Response to “The Warbird Rescue Hour – Thursday 8/4/11 – 8pm (EASTERN)”
  1. Ian White says:

    I just listened to the podcast this morning from last nights show… you guys enjoy the hour too much!!! I’m glad the Oshkosh experience went well for all, even though Chris was laid low with man-flu … as you all know this type of a cold is almost as bad as child birth.

    Not much comment so far on how good the GAM displays and the MLB project was received during the week. I sure hope support was encouraged, and a lot of shirts were sold.


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