Matt’s Cross Country Adventure – Update

Matt's Cross Country Adventure - Update

WARBIRD RADIO – I wanted to write in this afternoon and give you an update on my trip.  I landed in Driggs, Idaho Monday morning after a month of flying in N19547.  The talented folks at Teton Aviation are hard at work on the annual inspection and I’m taking advantage of some flight training from my wise instructor friends up here.  Every pilot knows the type of “instructor friends” I’m talking about.  These sages of the skies have forgotten more than I’ll learn about aviation.

The plan is to launch Wednesday morning and take in some mountain flying.  I’m looking forward to flying the C-185 and learning something new.  One of the maneuvers they’ve been explaining to me is the mountain pass escape turn.  Let’s say you’re flying down a mountain pass that you’re unfamiliar with and it turns out to be a dead end.  This maneuver will get you out of it safely.  Should be fun…

As for my accommodations…I’m staying on a great ranch in a one room frontier cabin owned by instructor buddy.   It’s really great.  I’m ten feet from a mountain stream with a beautiful view of the valley below.  As with most ranches there is always work to be done… and you best earn your keep.  This morning we repaired an irrigation line, fed the cows and even had time to repair the tractor.  Tonight it’s elk burgers and I’m sure some adult beverages.  I’ll keep you posted…

That’s all for now.  ~Matt


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