The RC Scale Builder Show – Sierra Giant Scale

WARBIRD RADIO – Join Mike Chilson and friends tonight on the RC Scale Builder Show LIVE! Tonight’s show our guest is Darrell Tenny of Sierra Giant Scale. Darrell will be giving us an update of what’s going on at SGS and taking your questions and comments. Be sure and tune it’ll be a great show!

Also, we’ll have other great segments and info from the world of R/C Scale Building. The program starts at 8 pm (EST) and your calls and questions are strongly encouraged. To join in on the conversation just use the contact info below. Thanks for listening!

QUICK LINK: Sierra Giant Scale

STUDIO LINE: 478.787.4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio



2 Responses to “The RC Scale Builder Show – Sierra Giant Scale”
  1. TJ Rohyans says:

    Funny you should mention Jerry’s Grumman Guardian. I have the kit in the closet waiting for the right time to build it, and my biggest pitfall is going to be the MLG. I guess I’ll have to save my nickles and dimes to get some made.

  2. TJ Rohyans says:

    I think the only advantage to using Hydraulic systems is scale-like leaks!

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