B-25 Honors Doolittle Raider With Fly-Over At Arlington National Cemetery

WARBIRD RADIO – The last living Command Pilot of the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders, Colonel William Bower, was buried at Arlington National Cemetery on May 16th 2011.  B-25 owner / operator Larry Kelley piloted “Panchito” over the ceremony as tribute to Col. Bower and all the Doolittle Raiders.  The video above shows his approach to the cemetery.  For more information on the Doolittle Tokyo Raiders please click on the Quick Link posted below.  Thanks for watching.

QUICK LINK:  The Doolittle Tokyo Raiders


One Response to “B-25 Honors Doolittle Raider With Fly-Over At Arlington National Cemetery”
  1. Marty Potts says:

    I flew into Traverse City, Michigan for the last reunion of the 490 BG, Burma Bridge Busters a month ago. We flew up in the Yankee Warrior B-25D of the Yankee Air Museum. When we taxied up to the hanger where the reunion was taking place, several of the WW2 vets in attendance were wiping tears from their eyes. What a moving experience to be a part of! They presented each one of us with an honorary 490th Patch that I have been honored to have sewn on my flight suit. 1500 of our WW2 vets are dying each day. If you know of one, thank them for their service before it’s too late. God bless them all.

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