Charleston Air Expo – This Weekend!

Warbird Radio - Listen Live!

WARBIRD RADIO – Come join us this weekend (4/9/11) at the Charleston Air Expo!  Warbird Radio will be on location for the entire event…and so will the Thunderbirds.  Stop in and say hello! 

QUICK LINK:  Charleston Air Expo


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  1. billy rogers says:

    I’m a desert storm veteran, and partially disabled from chemical and oil exposure so I can really appreciate the importance of the stories from our early veterans. I was introduced to warbird radio at the charleston air expo 2011 and I can tell you tora tora tora brought me to tears .I can imagine the shear terror after being in a convoy and watching the a-10s and apaches shred the republican guard at death valley between kuwait and iraq, it really touch mine and my wifes souls. I wish that live show could be shown to our teens after their taught about this in history, patriotism might just become something that crosses minds along with all the other crap they see. I had a group of teen girls with me on a tour of the new ww2 museum in new orleans on a high school trip from south carolina last year.I told them of my time in germany and visits to the consentration camps, they didn’t really get it until we got to the actual photographs of them and japan after the bombs. Needless to say I saw the wheels start to turn, I think that really got through to them. If you can go see the museum you should its an amazing collection from both ends of the war.God bless our veterans old and new. and God bless America

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