The RC Scale Builder Show – Vogelsang Aeroscale

WARBIRD RADIO – Join Mike Chilson and friends tonight on the RC Scale Builder Show LIVE! Tonight’s show our guest will be Dr. Gutz Vogelsang of Vogelsang Aeroscale. Also, we’ll have other great segments and info from the world of R/C Scale Building. The program starts at 8 pm (EST) and your calls and questions are strongly encouraged. To join in on the conversation just use the contact info below. Thanks for listening!

QUICK LINK: Vogelsang Aeroscale

STUDIO LINE: 478.787.4768

SKYPE: warbirdradio



One Response to “The RC Scale Builder Show – Vogelsang Aeroscale”
  1. Raymond Richards says:

    Just listened to this on the podcast….a GREAT and inspiring show…I’m a Brit living and working in the Netherlands for the last 12 years and my way if integrating in to this country was though scale model aeroplanes….As you so rightly say, it is the wonderful people that you come into contact with that make this a truly rewarding and joyous hobby, thank you for providing this global link…for your knowledge transfer, and your warmth and humour, the work you do is very much appreciated guys…..I found myself smiling along with you guys …… Thank you

    Ray (Warbird@home on RC scale builder)

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