Warbird Radio Presents – Gary Austin’s Timeless Voices Interview


Warbird Radio Presents - Gary Austin's Timeless Voices Interview / Photo: Greg Morehead/Warbird Digest

WARBIRD RADIO – There is no question…Gary Austin left an indelible mark on the warbird community and will forever be missed by those who knew him. His talent and craftsmanship live on today in the national treasures he worked to protect. The B-24 “Ol 927” and the B-29 “FIFI” are just two examples of the flying airplanes Gary Austin kept aloft. He was a key component at the Commemorative Air Force and worked on countless warbirds during his lifetime. 

Thanks to the Experimental Aircraft Association’s Timeless Voices of Aviation Oral History Program and Zack Baughman we have this interview today. For more information on Timeless Voices just click on the Quick Link at the bottom of this story. Additionally, we’d like to thank Greg Morehead from Warbird Digest for providing the photo of Gary.

Show Debuts Friday 02/25/11 at 6pm (EASTERN)

QUICK LINK: The Timeless Voices of Aviation Oral History Program

QUICK LINK: Warbird Digest

EMAIL: info@warbirdradio.com

Gary Austin Photo Gallery / Images Courtesy of Greg Morehead / Warbird Digest

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