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The League of WWI Aviation Historians - Over The Front

WARBIRD RADIO - This week marks the beginning of a new series on WWI Avaition History.  The League of WWI Aviation Historians is making this programming possible… and trust me…we couldn’t do it without them.  Below is a little background on the organization taken from their website (which is Quick Linked below).  I sincerely hope you’ll consider joining the league and furthuring their efforts to preserve this history.


Matt Jolley

About The League Of WWI Aviation Historians

The story of the League of World War One Aviation Historians begins at a meeting called in April 1985 in Dallas, Texas, by George Williams, one of the field’s most active researchers.

George had been a member of the editorial staff of the Cross & Cockade Journal, WWI aviation’s pioneer publication. Upset that Cross & Cockade was about to go out of existence, George and the group set out to keep the study of WWI aviation history alive in the United States. Out of that meeting an idea was born to not only continue  publishing the best in First World War aviation history for those already interested in the period, but to spread the word to others and, in the process, elevate the study of 1914-1918 military aviation to the level of true academic pursuit. We began that effort with Over The Front.

Over The Front is a quarterly journal, 8.5 x 11 inches in size, on acid-free, archival paper, packed with the finest research you’ll ever see, by the world’s leading WWI aviation historians. From personal accounts of those involved in the war, preserved for their and our decendents, to squadron histories, to analytical papers, to technical information about the aircraft and aerial weapons used in the war (including vast amounts of color and markings information for the aircraft modeller), each 96-page issue of Over The Front is packed with anything and everything you would want to see about aerial conflict in its pioneer days.

QUICK LINK:  The League of WWI Aviation Historians

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