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WARBIRD RADIO – They don’t wear spandex suits and capes but they do know a thing or two about saving warbirds.  Chris Henry and Rob Morelli might not be superheroes but they are two self-described “regular guys” who love warbirds.  Not long ago, they were driving by the Grissom Air Museum and noticed the B-17 needed some attention.  They stopped in and asked if they could help paint the airplane.  Fast forward a few months to today and Chris is on the Grissom Air Museum’s Board of Directors and the B-17 will hopefully have not only a paint job soon, but also a hangar to call its own. 

The idea of the regular “Joe” saving a warbird is what led Chris and Rob to launch  The website, still in its infancy, is designed to be a place for distressed warbirds to find some help.  If there’s a warbird in your town that could use some help…post it on and get the word out. 

To help raise money for the Grissom Air Museum’s B-17 the boys are selling t-shirts with The Miss Liberty Belle’s new nose-art prominently displayed.  All of the proceeds benefit the restoration and go directly to the airplane.  The idea of restoring a B-17 with t-shirt money is something many people said couldn’t be done.  In a conversation Tuesday afternoon, Chris tells Warbird Radio that the funds raised so far will cover the cost of the paint.  Chris says now they’re saving for sheet metal repairs and continuing efforts for the building fund.  Now that’s impressive!   In less than 24 hours the guys have met their first goal. is a simple, straight forward, grassroots idea that will grow into something much larger.   If you’d like to get involved and help an airplane in your hometown email the boys at and get started.

 P.S. – Go buy a t-shirt and help save a warbird today.

QUICK LINK:  The Warbird Rescue Website

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