Pilot Wings Travel To Space For Doolittle Raiders


Pilot Wings Travel To Space For Doolittle Raiders

WARBIRD RADIO – Here’s a great story sent to us by Tim Landers from the Wings Over Houston – Legends & Hereos Tent.   The photos and speech below say it all.  FYI…the Raider’s B-25 just happened to taxi by at the perfect time.  Enjoy! 

The following letter was read from the announcers stand by astronaut Steve Robinson:

On April 18, 1942, 80 US Army Air Corps airmen launched from the deck of the USS Hornet to bomb Japan.  The mission was an historic success.  Now, 68 years later, America still marvels at the Doolittle Raid, and what our Army and Navy accomplished together.  Recognizing this historic accomplishment, I agreed to carry several sets of Naval Aviator Wings into Space on my upcoming Space Shuttle Mission earlier this year, for presentation to the living Doolittle Raiders, and today I present to Col Richard E. Cole, Doolittle’s copilot on the raid, a set of those wings.  Colonel Cole, these U.S. Navy gold aviator’s wings were flown in space for you aboard the United States Space Shuttle Endeavour.

Launch: 4:14 am EDT, February 8, 2010

Landing: 10:20 pm EDT, February 21, 2010

Maximum Altitude: 223 miles

Maximum Speed: 17,694 mph

Duration: 13 days, 18 hours, 8 minutes

Earth orbits: 217

Distance: 5.7 million miles

(These wings are given to Dick Cole in honor of the bravery shown by him, and by all of the young airmen who volunteered for that historic one-way mission, a mission that did so much to sustain America’s morale at such a critical time in our history.)

President George Bush was unable to be here to pin the wings on Colonel Cole, but he sent a letter which will now be read by Retired Navy Captain and NASA Research Pilot Frank Marlo. 

(Frank reads letter)

And now Ms. Cindy Chal has the honor of pinning Naval Aviator Wings that have been flown on a Space Shuttle Mission, ON HER FATHER, Colonel Richard E. Cole, Aviator, US Army Air Corps.

Raider Wings In Space Photo Gallery

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