Day 1: Georgia…We Have A Crosswind

One Wheel Landings & Crosswind Fun

WARBIRD RADIO -   The alarm went off this morning at 4:00am (EDT) and I was at DCA by 5:00am.  My flight landed at ATL ahead of schedule and before I knew it I was enjoying some southern soul food with some of my best friends.  When my instructor Tim Goddard showed up the winds were blowing directly across the runway at 17 knots.  This is enough to make me stay home…but not today.  The pictures below show it best (thanks Nate).  Lot’s of one wheel landings (several on the correct wheel) and too many bounces to count.  Tomorrow is day two of transition training and I can’t wait.  Enjoy the pics and post your comments below.  More tomorrow. 

P.S. Be sure and check out my instructor’s Facebook page.  Good stuff…   ~Matt

QUICK LINK:  AeroFlight Services Facebook Page

Day 1 Flying Pictures

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