Grissom B-17 Restoration Update – By Chris Henry

Grissom B-17 Restoration - Update By Chris Henry

WARBIRD RADIO -  (An Update From Chris Henry)  This B-17G is a late model fort built by Douglas.  It was built too late for WWII and went on to be a drone controller.  This B-17 would have airborn controllers riding along and would direct other unmanned drone B-17’s to where ever they wanted them to go.  They were used in Operation Crossroads where the Atomic bomb was tested and it’s devastation would be measured by these drones.   She came on display at Grissom in the 1970’s and has been here ever since.  She has been the source of parts for several restorations out there, and now it is time to get her back into shape.  We are trying to get her in a building for restoration, as well as get a display building up for her display.  Markings are being considered for the new scheme, but we are going to stay within  the 305th Bomb Group.  Just not sure which aircraft yet.  She is in very rough shape and we can use all of the help we can get.  – Chris Henry

Grissom B-17 Restoration Gallery (Photos By Chris Henry)


3 Responses to “Grissom B-17 Restoration Update – By Chris Henry”
  1. Rob Morelli says:

    To give you an idea of how much was robbed from this aircraft the control qudrant in photo 15 is constucted of PVC pipe. This airplane has donated its parts to other B-17 restorations until it hurts. We are happpy that its parts went to a good cause, but it is now 690’s turn to recieve some attention.

  2. Rob Morelli says:

    I am sorry that is photo 5 of 15.

  3. TXZ1956 says:

    When I was a kid I was inside this plane about 1967 – 1968. At that time there was a lot of trash on the floor and the instruments were all smashed. At least it still had seats, yokes and instrument panels then.

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