Warbird Radio Presents – The EC-121 Story

Warbird Radio Presents – The EC-121 Story

WARBIRD RADIO – The curvy lines of the Lockheed Constellation make it an undisputed thing of beauty.  For years pilots and aviation enthusiasts have often commented about the classic beauty of this historic airplane.  The military version of the “Connie” the C-121 had many variants.  The EC-121 is one of those variants. Used primarily as an early warning radar platform along with the Distant Early Warning Line (DEW Line) the crews who flew the EC-121 were trained for endurance.  The missions were often 12 to 14 hours long…and sometimes longer.  During this special episode of Warbird Radio Presents you’ll hear stories from two former EC-121 crew members.  A video tour and photo of the aircraft are also available for this story.  The photo tour is posted below and video tour is posted in the video section.  Thank you for listening!


QUICK LINK:  Museum of Aviation


EC-121 Aircraft Specifications Courtesy Museum of Aviation’s Website

Span:  126 feet 2 inches
Length:  116 feet 2 inches
Height:  27 feet
Weight:  145,000 lbs
Armament: None
Engine: Four Wright R-3350s of 3,400 hp ea
Cost:  $2,031,000
Serial number:  141297

Maximum speed:  290 mph
Cruising speed:  240 mph
Range:  4,000 miles
Service ceiling:  18,000 feet

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