Hear The Dish On B-25 Barbie III’s Big Gun


WARBIRD RADIO – Crawl inside B-25 “H” Barbie III and see what’s behind her big gun.  Her 75mm cannon could pack a serious punch back in the day.  For more info on Barbie III and History Flight just use the Quick Link posted below.  Enjoy!

QUICK LINK:  Barbie III & History Flight

An Airman’s Story Presents – Tuskegee Airman Otis Finley Jr – Part II

An Airman's Story Presents - Otis Finely Jr - Part II

WARBIRD RADIO  – Join host Leon J. DeLisle as he continues his interview with WWII Tuskegee Airman pilot Otis Finley Junior.  Hear Mr. Finley’s stories…in his own words during this special two part series.  An Airman’s Story is 501 C3 “Non Profit” corporation and depends soley on your giftfs.  For more information visit them online via the QUICK LINK below.  Thanks for listening.


QUICK LINK:  An Airman’s Story

Open Line Friday – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Friday

"Hangar talk at it's finest"

FRIDAY – It’s time once again for Open Line Friday on Warbird Radio LIVE!  This is your chance to call in and tell us what’s on your mind.  If there is an airshow you’d like to promote…or a business you’d like to shamelessly plug give us a call.  We’ll also be taking your swap-buy-sale calls today.  The goal is to have a global session of hangar talk…so let’s get started.  WRL begins at 10am (EDT).  The studio contact info is posted below.  Thanks for listening.

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE:  warbirdradio

EMAIL:  matt@warbirdradio.com

Chris Soltis From “Corsairs Over Connecticut” – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Thursday

Corsairs Over Connecticut - This Weekend!

THURSDAY – Chris Soltis from Corsairs Over Connecticut joins us with big news about this weekend’s airshow.  It’s a spectacular event with lots of history both in the air and on the ground.  For more info just click the Quick Link posted below.  Tomorrow’s show starts at 10am (EDT).  Additionally, we understand VIP Photo Passes may still be available.

QUICK LINK:  Wings & Wheels

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

SKYPE:  warbirdradio

EMAIL:  matt@warbirdradio.com

Success! X-51A Makes Historic Hypersonic Flight

X-51A mated to B-52 for fit test

WARBIRD RADIO – Air Force officials announcing this Wednesday that the X-51A successfully made the longest, supersonic, combustion, ramjet-powered hypersonic flight off the southern coast of California.  According to a news release the flight was propelled by a 200 second burn of the X-51’s Pratt & Whitney Rocketdyne-built air breathing scramjet engine.  The previous longest scramjet burn in a flight test was 12 seconds in a NASA X-43.

The X-51 launched about 10am from Edwards Air Force Base under the wing of a B-52. It was released at 50,000 feet over the Pacific Ocean.  Four seconds later an Army Tactical Missile accelerated the X-51 to about Mach 4.8.  After the X-51 was separated from the missile, the scramjet engine was ignited and history was made.

The Waverider shot up to 70,000 feet and to a peak speed of Mach 6.  Onboard sensors transmitted data to an airborne U.S. Navy P-3, as well as a ground system at Point Mugu.  After about 200 seconds of engine operation a vehicle anomaly occurred and the flight was terminated.  Officials say engineers are working to examine the data and identify the cause of the problem.

Despite the issues, program manager Charlie Brink says, “we are ecstatic to have accomplished most of our test points on the X-51A”.  Air Force officials went on to say the first of four planned flights was an “unqualified success”.  Warbird Radio will continue to follow the story and post more news when it becomes available.

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