Top Secret Rescue Plane Revealed

02 - Credible Sport C-130

Warbird Radio goes inside "Credible Sport" - YMC-130.

WARBIRD RADIO  – In 1980, three YMC-130’s were heavily modified as part of a plan to rescue hostages held in Iran.  The idea was simple…land the airplane on a soccer field and then leave with the hostages.  Although Operation Credible Sport was never executed, one of the aircraft was destroyed in testing, the second was demodified and returned to service, and the third was retired in 1987 and is now on display at a museum.  Warbird Radio is currently working on a show that will highlight this amazing program and the masterminds who made it possible.

In the mean time please enjoy the photos of the only surviving aircraft.  Just click on the “Continue Reading” button.

YMC-130 “Credible Sport

Video of Credible Sport In Action


One Response to “Top Secret Rescue Plane Revealed”
  1. rayfrewer says:

    Great pictures on Credit Sport page. There are some real good stories about this effort. The aft flap mechanical design (drive shown in a number of images) worked outstanding through the flight test program.

    The approach speed was, believe it or not , was 80 knots.


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