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Lt Walter Elcock's F6F-3 emerges from Lake Michigan!

TUESDAY- Ready for the latest on the F6F-3 pulled from Lake Michigan?  The pilot, Lt. Walter Elcock,  (Now 89) will join us for a candid interview about the January 5, 1945 landing mishap on the USS Sable.  Elcock’s grandson, Hunter Brawley, will also join us with the details about the recovery of the Hellcat.  Call in and join the fun tomorrow morning at 10am (EASTERN).  Click “Continue Reading” down below for more recovery photos,  WWII pictures and text of the pilot (courtesy of his grandson Hunter Brawley).

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F6F-3 RECOVERY PHOTOS & Pictures of Lt. Walter Elcock


Hunter Brawley in the cockpit of his grandfathers F6F-3.


Lt Walter Elcock's F6F-3 Hellcat emmerging from Lake Michigan.


Hunter Brawley - "Having a beer in Guam while waiting on the USS San Jacinto to pick them up".


Lt. Walter Elcock sits in his F6F Hellcat.


Hunter Brawley - "This is the group my Granddad trained with..they all managed to stay together for the remainder of the war."


Photo from Hunter Brawley's collection.


FROM HUNTER BRAWLEY - "This was after my granddad's squadron returned from bombing a Japanese air strip. It was considered an important target. My Grandad was ordered to escort a fellow pilot back to the ship after it had taken anti-aircraft fire. While flying back to the ship he was asked for a report. My granddad's response was "it is no longer a target" An Admiral (...not sure which one) overheard this on the radio and notified the Captain of the ship to award a Distinguished Flying Cross to those who flew the mission."


Text from Hunter Brawley's collection.


Hunter Brawley - "Sitting in the Ready Room prior to a mission."

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