Warbird Radio Rewind – White 1 FW-190 – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Monday

White 1 Update – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Monday

MONDAY – Mark Timken joins us with an update on the White 1 FW-190.  Since his last visit Mark and his team has made tremendous progress.  Take a look at the photo tour posted in this story and see the work for yourself.  For more info on the FW-190 just click on the Quick Link posted below.  Thanks for listening!

UPDATE:  White 1 is now owned by the Collings Foundation!  Tune in later this week for a complete UPDATE!

QUICK LINK:  Collings Foundation

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Syd & KT Jones – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Wednesday

Syd & KT Jones - Warbird Radio LIVE! - Wednesday

WEDNESDAY – Aside from being warbird pilots, Syd, along with his wife KT Budde-Jones, are successful treasure hunters, aviation historians, aircraft restoration experts and much more.  They will share their amazing story tomorrow morning during Warbird Radio LIVE.  Currently, Syd is working on the White 1 FW-190 restoration and flying his AT-6 (when KT isn’t flying it).  Together this “warbird power couple” has accomplished so much it will be hard to fit it all in one show…  For a little background info, we’ve attached a great article from Air & Space Magazine about their involvement with the Niihau Zero.  Tune in tomorrow morning at 10am (Eastern) and hear about their adventures.  Thanks for listening!

QUICK LINK:  Air & Space Article On The Niihau Zero

QUICK LINK:  The White 1 Project

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Warbird Radio Presents – The FW-190 Story

WARBIRD RADIO PRESENTS – Meet the man who’s restoring (what will become) the world’s only original flying FW-190.  The story behind White 1 is the subject of this special Warbird Radio Presents.  Be sure and check out the Subscriber Section to see 180 plus pictures of both projects (yep…2… FW-190’s).  For more information on the foundation behind this amazing restoration just click on the Quick Link below.  Thanks for listening!


QUICK LINK:  World War II Fighter Aircraft Foundation

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Warbird Radio Visits White 1 Foundation

QUICK LINK:  White 1 Foundation

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FW-190F-8 “Weiße 1” – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Friday


Discover the latest news on "White 1" - Warbird Radio LIVE! - Friday - 10am (EASTERN)

FRIDAY – Mark Timken joins us from The White 1 Foundation to share the latest news on the restoration of their FW-190 White 1.  Mark will also be taking your calls and questions LIVE… so be sure and call in.  The contact information is listed below.  The show starts at 10am (EASTERN) tomorrow morning.  Thanks for listening!

STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768

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EMAIL:  matt@warbirdradio.com

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