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Join Matt Jolley for Warbird Radio LIVE! Matt interviews guests from the warbird community, authors, historians, and various individuals who helped shape history. 
ABOUT THE HOST:  Matt's an experienced aviation journalist, former television news anchor and current host of the world's only daily talk radio show for warbird fans...Warbird Radio LIVE. In addition to his work in the media, Matt also enjoys flying vintage military airplanes.  He recently flew a 1951 deHavilland DHC-1 Chipmunk solo over 7000 miles across the United States and Canada.  Matt is also the proud caretaker of a 1943 Taylorcraft L-2M.  If you have a story idea for Matt please contact him directly using the Contact Us page.
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Test Pilot Elliot Seguin – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 599

Elliot1-WEBWARBIRD RADIO – Civilian test pilot Elliot Seguin’s name is synonymous with flying really cool airplanes in Mojave, California.  Just do a little investigating yourself and you’ll see what we mean, this guy definitely has the right stuff and we all should be following his projects.  Elliot’s been on Warbird Radio before and we learned a lot from his experience.  It’s been several years so he’s coming back to talk “test flying”.  Now here’s the deal, we can all learn from his experiences, especially warbird operators.  Every flight in an old military airplane is often a “test flight”.  Let’s learn from the guy who has that title on his business card.

Ric Peterson also joins the conversation with an update on his recent visit to Japan where he learned about a special Mitsubishi Zero.  Tune in and hear the full story.  As always, your calls and comments are most welcomed!

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RU-21A Memorial Project – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 598

AndrewRodriguezWEBWARBIRD RADIO – This week on Warbird Radio LIVE, Andrew Rodriguez from the RU-21A Memorial Project joins Matt Jolley with news on their efforts to pay tribute to the 138th US Army Aviation Company.  A group of 138th veterans are working to save an example of their beloved RU-21A and place it on display in front of the Orlando International Airport.  The 138th Army Aviation Company served during Vietnam, Gulf War I and their efforts flying anti-narcotic missions  are the stuff of legend.  Tune in tonight and hear from one of the veterans working to save the RU-21A.

Matt will also check in with Jason Capra from the Vintage Wings Incorporate C-53 “Beach City Baby” project.  For more information on both projects just use the Quick Links posted below.  As always your calls and comments are welcome!

QUICK LINK:  RU-21A Memorial Projectgg

QUICK LINK:  Beach City Baby C-53 Project

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Saving The C-53 Beach City Baby! – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 597

BEachCityBabyWEB2WARBIRD RADIO – Just off the runway in Beach City, Ohio sits a historic C-53 in jeopardy of being parted out and eventually scrapped.  Thankfully several months ago Jason Capra was driving down the back roads of Ohio and spotted 41-20095, sitting alone on the grass strip it’s called home for nearly 20 years.  Capra, a young energetic airline aviator, who’s racked up an impressive 10,000 plus flight hours and nearly 900 hours flying the Berlin Airlift Historical Foundation’s C-54, quickly formed a plan to save the C-53.

In a matter of months Capra’s ponied up his own money and reached a very reasonable purchase agreement with the owner.  Capra’s also formed a US registered 501c3 organization “Vintage Wings Incorporated” to support the efforts of saving the C-53 affectionately called the “Beach City Baby“.

So why is 41-20095 worth saving?  Take a look at this brief snapshot:

The “Baby” was on the factory floor when the Japanese attacked Pearl Harbor and it was immediately pressed into service. January 29th, 1942 and sent to Bolling Field, Washington DC and assigned to the Ferry Command and on March 16th, 1942 and sent to Presque Isle Airfield.

In July 1942, 41-20095 was transferred to the North Atlantic Wing of the Air Transport Command where it shuttled troops and VIPs over many theaters of operation. It may have moved to the Pacific during its time with the ATC, as it was reported to have been General Douglas MacArthur’s personal transport for a two month stint. Stories handed down with the aircraft tie it to other American greats including General Jimmy Doolittle, Glenn Miller, and Eddie Rickenbacker. The aircraft was last assigned to FEA, Cairo Division until May 12th, 1945.

The “Baby’s” post war history is equally impressive, flying as an airliner and eventually becoming “Buckeye 1” and serving as the Governor of Ohio’s airplane.  Saving the “Baby” is well within grasp for Capra and his team but they need to raise around $150k to make it happen.  The best part is, this is something everyone can get behind.  Small donations can literally save this airplane and get it flying again.  Take a listen and then get involved!  Let’s save the Beach City Baby!  DONATE HERE


QUICK LINK:  Vintage Wings Incorporated

QUICK LINK: John Cowman Air Shows

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The Shetterly Squadron – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 596

shetterlysquadron2WARBIRD RADIO – Tonight’s show is all about family, well at least the Shetterly family.  The Shetterly Squadron is made up of the entire Shetterly family and tonight they’re joining us on Warbird Radio LIVE.  Find out about this incredibly aviation-centric family and their upcoming 2016 display season.

For more information on the Shetterly Squadron just click the Quick Link posted below.  Thanks for tuning in!  Photo Credit is from AirshowStuff.com and the Shetterly Squadron’s website.  Check them out for cool air show related “stuff”.   Thanks AirshowStuff.com!

QUICK LINK:  Shetterly Squadron

QUICK LINK:  Radial Rumble

QUICK LINK:  Rifle Airshows

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Warbird Radio LIVE! – Wings Over South Texas and Lee Lauderback – Episode 595

WARBIRD RADIO – Safety month continues this week with Stallion 51’s Lee Lauderback.  Currently, Lee is chief instructor and demonstration pilot in the P-51 Mustang. In addition, he is also one of the pilots for the USAF Air Force Heritage Flight Program. Lee has also been a civilian instructor for the Navy Test Pilot School at Patuxent River, MD where test pilot students and instructors fly the Mustang.

Lee is a certified flight and ground instructor for airplane (single and multi-engine), instrument, helicopters and gliders, as well as being a FAA Pilot Proficiency Examiner and does acceptance flight-testing in various Warbirds, Helicopters, and Turbojets.

Amassing in excess of 20,000 flight hours in all types of aircraft and helicopters, including well over 8,700 hours in Mustangs, Lee has also had a chance to fly the F-15 Eagle, F-16 Viper, and F/A-18 Hornet. Lee has over 2000 hours in sailplanes and has competed in many soaring contests and has held several sailplane records.

Lee is also an accomplished master class falconer, and when not flying aircraft he can be found flying hawks and falcons.  Tonight we’ll share one of our favorite safety month interviews with Lee recorded last year.

Tonight’s show kicks off with CAPT Christopher Misner – Commanding Officer, Naval Air Station Kingsville in Texas.  CAPT Misner will fill us in on this year’s Wings Over South Texas Air Show that kicks off April 9th 2016.  CAPT Misner is US Naval Aviator spending much of his career flying SH-60F and HH-60H helicopters.  For more information on CAPT Misner and the Wings Over South Texas Air Show just visit the Quick Link posted below.  Thanks for tuning in!

QUICK LINK:  Stallion 51

QUICK LINK: Wings Over South Texas

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