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Hangar talk at it’s best… Every week in Dayton, Ohio a small group of friends gather at the historic Moraine Airpark. Together they fly, eat and enjoy aviation the way it was meant to be. The Hartman & Heins Show aims to capture those rare moments just after sunset when the props stop turning and the fun commences. Stories of pilots past, proverbs from the aviation table of truth and advice on love and flying are all safe topics. This is a place where just about anything goes and Hartman and Heins always have the answers. LIVE on Tuesday nights!  9pm (EASTERN)

About Hartman & Heins:

MikeMAIN Andy
Mike Hartman: He’s a high time aviator who prefers 100LL over Polo Cologne. When Mike wakes up in the morning he’s only thinking about one thing. We’re still not sure what that one thing is…but flying’s around there somewhere. Give this guy an airplane and he’s happy. From Warbirds to Waco’s Mike’s flown them all. His wit and good timing make him a joy to hang out with. Plus he’s house broken…and free to a good home. Andy Heins: Is more than just a lover of aircraft, he’s loved many women and even more have loved him.  Andy has more airplane knowledge and flying skills than Chuck Norris has bad ass.  That pretty much sums up Andy Heins.  At least that’s what our producer has written since he refuses to send a bio.  Did we mention he’s really into quilting? Well he is…
And he likes cats, he has 25.
Matt Jolley: The silent partner.  Matt produces the show from his studio far away from the craziness that exists in Dayton, Ohio with these two.


QUESTION FOR H&H: Post your questions in the comment section of the episodes listed below. H&H will answer them as they see them! Thanks for your help.




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