Winter Flying Solution – Historic deHavilland PT-24 / Tiger Moth For Sale – 90k

Tiger-Moth-In-Snow-CROPWARBIRD RADIO – Winter keeping you from flying your vintage bi-plane?  You need one of our “C” model Tiger Moths.  Able to fly topless in the summer and covered (with heater) in the winter, this extremely rare PT-24 / DH-82C provides her pilot with the best of both worlds.  During WWII England faced a real problem training pilots.  How can you train pilots while you’re under attack?  The answer was the British Commonwealth Air Training Plan.  Utilizing their assets in Canada, Australia and New Zealand, British pilots learned to fly abroad.  They trained on a variety of aircraft but without a doubt the most prolific trainer of WWII was the DH-82 Tiger Moth.

A rare trivia relic of WWII is the United States actually ordered 250 DH-82C’s.  The USA’s Tiger Moth was designated a PT-24 and the units were immediately placed in the care of the Lend Lease Act.   The PT-24’s stayed in Canada after being built and were dispersed across a number of the Elementary Flight Training Squadrons.  Equipped with a canopy, heater, snow skis and even attachments for floats, the PT-24 / DH-82 “C” model Tiger Moth was perfectly suited for the harsh Canadian flying environment.

Today, Warbird Radio is proud to offer an authentic PT-24 / DH-82C for sale.  This particular example (Number 1136) served in Caronport,  Saskatchewan with Elementary Flight Training Squadron 33.   1136 entered service on 8 January 1942 and was struck from the registry 23 January 1945.  During her service she racked up 2152 airframe hours before being replaced by the venerable PT-26.

After her life in the military 1136 was restored in Canada.  Some 60 years later she found her way home to the country that originally ordered her construction, the United States.  Based about an hour outside Pittsburgh, PA in East Liverpool, Ohio 1136 is ready for your review.  Flown and maintained regularly by Oshkosh / Sun-N-Fun award winning restoration expert Mike Porter, 1136 is in top physical condition.  Times below change frequently (because Mike enjoys keeping her in the sky).

1941 deHavilland Tiger Moth PT-24 / DH82 “C”

Total Time on Airframe:  3000 EST / Total Time on Engine Since Overhaul:  80 EST  / Restored in 2001 in Guelph, Ontario

No radio (equipped for handheld radio with new carbon fiber antenna in baggage compartment) / No Transponder / No Generator / 1136 is highly original & authentic / Has new 12 volt battery & Electric Starter / Morse code lights for signaling fully operational

Price:  $90,000 USD



FOR SALE: deHavilland Canada’s Prototype DH82C “CF-BNF” – Tiger Moth

Feature-ImageWARBIRD RADIO – This historic bird was completed in 1939, and is the prototype for the following 1000 “C” models of the Canadian Tiger Moth. CF-BNF was retained by the de Havilland company in Downsview, Ontario (Toronto) and used during the war as a flying laboratory until 1946, when it flew as chase plane for Canada’s first Chipmunk (ref: Chipmunk, poor man’s Spitfire by Dan Brown and others…page 53 photo).   BNF was tested with the US Menasco engine and later a Gipsy Major 1C was re-installed. She’s the only “C” to have never have served in the RCAF. BNF was sold off in 1946 and changed hands occasionally, eventually ending up with her current owner.   As of 2013 BNF has been totally restored. Three wings original, right lower rebuilt wing, new material. New ceconite covering and nitrate/butyrate dope finish in RCAF yellow.

Details Include:  New tires, wind driven 24 volt generator/battery box/voltage regulator. Radio/transponder.  Engine “O” time Gipsy Major, Slick mags, elect starter. New propeller. New canopy “glass”.

This aircraft is located in California and is currently FLYING!!!  Test flight was successful.  CALL HARRY SCHONING FOR DETAILS:  760-217-4325




DH82 C Tiger Moths For Sale / 82CS & 82CZ

Yellow-Moth-2WARBIRD RADIO – We’re still working on some high quality pictures for these two lovely Tiger Moths.  Both are located in Georgia and part of the collection we’re offering.  For details please email today.  Thanks for taking a look!



A Spitfire On Tiger Moth Money – deHavilland DH-82 “A” Spitmoth For Sale

SpitmothMainWARBIRD RADIO – What do you get when you combine the cockpit of a Spitfire with a Tiger Moth?  Well…you get a Spitmoth.  What began as a lighthearted idea during the 2005 Woburn Moth Rally now exists as a flying tribute to the men who flew the Tiger Moth and Spitfire.  Straight from the brain of the late legendary aviator and author RAF Air Vice Marshal Ron Dick, the Spitmoth was recently brought to life by renowned Tiger Moth builder, Harry Schoning.  Together, the two men have created what you see today.

Based outside Atlanta, Georgia this truly a one of kind deHavilland DH-82 “A” model Tiger Moth is being offered sale.  For details and contact information click on the Quick Link posted below.  Thanks for taking a look.

QUICK LINK:  The Spitmoth Story Website

SPITMOTH Photo Gallery

SOLD!!! – Historic -1943 Taylorcraft L-2M – $25,750 USD

L-2M KeyImageWARBIRD RADIO – Our favorite L-2M is up for sale.  If you’re looking for an affordable WWII airplane that’s fun to fly, our L-2M is the perfect match.  Built in 1943 at the Taylorcraft Factory in Alliance, Ohio this American made original served the US Army Air Corp at Hanscom Field outside Boston, Massachusetts.

After it’s life in active duty military service it was transferred to the Civil Air Patrol where it continued to serve the citizens of the United States.  Inside the original US Army Air Corp and Taylorcraft data plates are visible as well as a copy of it’s military history card.  A complete set of logbooks and a recently overhauled Continental 65 make our L-2M an attractive airplane for any collector.  Hangared outside Atlanta, Georgia on a 2000 foot grass strip, our L-2M flies regularly so times posted below change frequently.  Interested caretakers can call or email for more information.

1943 Taylorcraft L-2M

Total Time on Airframe:  3232
Total Time on Engine Since Overhaul:  255
Restored in 1992 outside Dallas, Texas / Covered with Stits fabric
Gross Weight:  1325lbs (Non-LSA)

Price:  $25,750 USD

Sale includes:  New Bruce’s Custom Canopy Cover, Rear “Stinger” Windshield, L-2M Bungee Tool



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