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The Last of the Breed – Mike Porter’s Atomic Stearman

WARBIRD RADIO – Atomic Stearman?  Yes, believe it or not, around fifty Stearman biplanes were still flying in the United States Air Force at the beginning of the atomic age.  It wasn’t until 1949 the newly minted United States Air Force, retired the last of it’s famous biplane trainers.  Stearman artisan, Mike Porter is completing his latest restoration,  Stearman 42-17720.  The buzz number is TF-720.  What, “TF”?  According to Mr. Porter, the “TF” designation comes from same USAF Technical Order that standardized the red stripe inside the national insignia.  Porter added, this was in the age when a Mustang was listed in the “P”, or pursuit category.  “T” was training in this case and the “F” was specific for the PT-13.  Mike says “TA” would have been the buzz number for an AT-6 and “TG” would have been the designator for a PT-17.  How’s that for a little unique history? Stearman 720 will be like no Stearman flying today, this unique aircraft will be restored to the 1949 USAF specifications, making it a true “atomic” age biplane.  Texas folks should pay close attention to 720, as she served her entire military career in the great republic.  To call 720 the Yellow Rose of Texas, would be fitting for her history.  Her military career began at Goodfellow Field outside San Angelo, then she bounced around the Lone Star state until she was placed in storage at Pyote Field.  Her final few days in service were alongside legends like the Enola Gay, Memphis Belle and many more including the CAF’s B-17 “Sentimental Journey”.  Mike says the story deepens here, 720 left Pyote when American Duster Company purchased her, along with forty-nine other Stearmans (they bought all fifty of the last birds).  The new duster fleet was reassembled and flown off a dirt road, across from Interstate-20.  It was from that dirt road they began their new lives with big engines, spraying crops in Idaho.  Stearman 720 disappeared from the registry in 1970 and hasn’t flown since.   It’s twist in history and lack of flying has helped to preserve it as a real time capsule.  Today, 720 is nearly complete and its list of rare and wonderful original equipment is still growing. For the warbird purest out there, 720 will fast become their favorite Stearman, here’s why: Original instruments and panel layout Original vacuum tube intercom and battery Original right hand Co2 fire extinguisher Original inertial starter Original electrical boxes (mounted correctly – up front) Original map cases Original wooden seats, wooden control sticks and metal floor boards Stock Hayes wheels and brakes (1/500 sets made) Freshly overhauled engine New wood New hardware – epoxy painted Covered with Ceconite and Airtech Coatings  Bonus:  According to engineer drawings (see image in gallery) the last few Stearmans were equipment with passing lights on the upper left wing.  Mike is considering installing one after a little more research – neat! When asked how many of the last 50 were flying, Mike wasn’t sure.  He knows of a few that are still airworthy and operating; however, he points out with a smile, 720 will be the only one flying with a period correct restoration.  The historical significance of the last Stearman biplanes can’t be overlooked.  As the USAF was transitioning from props to jets and conventional weapons to atomic,  a handful of vintage biplanes were still in active service.  Stearman 720 is the last of the breed, and will soon fly again as a reminder of just how far we’ve come.  Expected completion:  Summer of 2017 / EAA’s AirVenture is already on the list of planned visits. Offers for purchase will be considered: PHOTO GALLERY:  Read More →

Warbird Radio LIVE! – John Muszala II and the TBM – Episode 612

WARBIRD RADIO – John Muszala II is back this winter to talk about Pacific Fighter’s TBM project, that’s now flying.  This historically accurate restoration was painstakingly returned to flying status late last year.  John, along with his family, take great pride in getting things right and this TBM looks amazing.  Join the conversation 1/17/17 at 8pm EASTERN during the LIVE broadcast.  The podcast will immediately follow.  Thanks for tuning in! QUICK LINK:  John Muszala’s Website STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio Warbird Radio LIVE! - John Muszala II - Episode 612 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('1', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - John Muszala II - Episode 612', ''); Read More →

The Wings Over New Zealand Show LIVE! – Episode 15

WARBIRD RADIO – The Wings Over New Zealand Show is back for 2017!  As this is the first time the show has been on air since June 2016, the WONZ Live Show has a lot of catching up to do. So hosts Dave Homewood and Grant McHerron will be looking back over the past six months at all the happenings and achievements on the Kiwi and Aussie warbird, museum and military aviation scenes during our hiatus. And we’ll also be looking forward to coming events in the next few weeks. If you have any questions and comments feel free to call in too! STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio QUICK LINKS: Classics To The Sky – Strikemasters at Sunset Airshow 21st of January 2017  The Vintage Aviator Collection Flying Weekend 28-29 January 2017  Open Day at Omaka Airfield on Sunday 22nd January 2017 Great Plains Fly-In at Ashburton 3-6 February 17  Healthy Bastards Bush Pilot Fly-In at Omaka on 4th of February 2017  Te Kowhai Airfield Open Day and Country Market – 11th of February 2017 Wings Over Wairarapa 17-19 February 2017  Art Deco in Napier the same weekend 15th to 19th February 2017 RNZAF Air Tattoo – 25th and 26th of February 2017  Sunderland Veterans Rolling Back The Years The Wings Over New Zealand Show LIVE! - Episode 15 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('2', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'The Wings Over New Zealand Show LIVE! - Episode 15', ''); Read More →

Warbird Radio LIVE! – An Old School Test Pilot In Modern Times, Elliot Seguin – Episode 611

WARBIRD RADIO – A purposeful man with thin hips and a broad understanding of all things aerodynamics, makes Elliot Seguin a marvel among modern day test pilots.  We live in the years of vast computer modeling and advanced simulations but someone must still strap on new airplanes and take them to their outer limits – that man is Elliot Seguin.  Mr. Seguin has worked on some of the most innovative projects of the new millennium and continues to push the envelope of aircraft and their design not only for professional purposes, but just for fun.  In his off time, Elliot and his friends have formed the Mojave Experimental Fly-in, an event  that celebrates record breaking and advanced ideas buried in aerodynamic theory books.  Imagine Benjamin Franklin combined with Bob Hoover, a man unafraid of math in public and the pitfalls of explaining complex aviation principals in a relatable way to mere commoners.  Elliot’s a great guest and we’re really looking forward to his new stories. Matt also welcomes Warbirds publisher Moreno Aguiari to the show, for an update on Tom Reilly’s XP-82 project.  Moreno visited Tom’s hangar over the weekend and has the details on his progress.  Show time is 8pm ET – January 10th, 2017.  As always, your calls and comments are most welcome. QUICK LINK:  Wasabi Air Racing QUICK LINK:  Warbirds News STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio Warbird Radio LIVE! - Elliot Seguin - Episode 611 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('3', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - Elliot Seguin - Episode 611', ''); Read More →

The RC Scale Builder Show – Laser Cut Kits Australia

WARBIRD RADIO – Join me (Mike Chilson) Tuesday night on the RC Scale Builder Show LIVE! This episode we will be checking in with Brad Heller of Laser Cut Kits Australia. Join Brad and myself to learn more about his services and products. Brad will be taking your questions live on the air so be sure and join in. Also, we’ll have other great segments and info from the world of R/C Scale Building. The program starts at 9pm (EST) and your calls and questions are strongly encouraged. To join in on the conversation just use the contact info below. Thanks for listening! QUICK LINK: Laser Cut Kits Australia STUDIO LINE: 478.787.4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio EMAIL: SHOW CHAT: Click Here to chat LIVE during the show! The RC Scale Builder Show - Episode 114 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('4', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'The RC Scale Builder Show - Episode 114', ''); Read More →

Warbird Radio LIVE! – The Brewster Buffalo & Dan Buchanan – Episode 610

WARBIRD RADIO – Retired US Naval Aviator – Captain Richard Dann joins us with a look at the Brewster Buffalo.  CAPT Dann is a noted author (9 published books), historian and artist.  When he’s not working on his Ford Model A restoration, CAPT Dann is busy completing his 10th book – a work devoted to the Brewster Buffalo.  Matt also welcomes air show friend and Art Scholl Memorial Showmanship Award winner – Dan Buchanan.  Check out Dan’s website below! Your calls are always welcomed.  Showtime is 8pm ET. QUICK LINK:  Dan Buchanan STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio Warbird Radio LIVE! - Brewster Buffalo - Episode 610 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('5', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - Brewster Buffalo - Episode 610', ''); Read More →

The Hartman & Heins Show – Adventurer Rex Pemberton!

WARBIRD RADIO – Hartman & Heins welcome world famous adventurer (and aviator) Rex Pemberton!  Find out what amazing things Rex has been up to and where you can see his flying display this year.  Rex made history by becoming the youngest Australian to climb the highest mountain on all seven continents. That includes the Summit of Mt Everest.  In addition to his mountaineering feats, Rex is an avid skydiver and now powered wing suit pioneer.  Tune in tonight at 9pm ET for the LIVE broadcast and join in on the conversation. QUICK LINK:  Rex Pemberton STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio Hartman N Heins - Rex Pembertom - Episode 25 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('6', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Hartman N Heins - Rex Pembertom - Episode 25', ''); Read More →

The Annual Warbird Radio Christmas Spectacular! – 2016

WARBIRD RADIO – It’s that time of year again, time to pull up a comfy chair and tune in for the annual Warbird Radio Christmas Spectacular!  Call in and join the fun this Tuesday (12/20/16) at 8pm ET.   Just click the Listen LIVE button on the right side of your screen to tune in.  Thanks for listening and supporting Warbird STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio EMAIL: Warbird Radio LIVE! - Christmas Spectacular 2017 - Episode 609 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('7', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - Christmas Spectacular 2017 - Episode 609', ''); Read More →

NAS PAX River Air Show – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 608

WARBIRD RADIO – It’s an all star line-up on this episode:  Astronaut / air show aviator Joe Edwards, B-25 guy Larry Kelley and Sea Harrier aviator Art Nalls, plus Lt. Clayton Martin to tell us what’s in store for the NAS PAX River air show and open house.  Tune this evening (10/11/16) at 8pm ET for the LIVE broadcast.  The podcast will immediately follow. As always, your calls and comments are welcome! QUICK LINK:  PAX River Air Show STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE:  warbirdradio Warbird Radio LIVE! - PAX River Air Show Preview - Episode 608 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('8', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - PAX River Air Show Preview - Episode 608', ''); Read More →

Culpeper Air Fest & Red Baron Home Visit – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 607

WARBIRD RADIO – On this episode Matt’s joined by Dan Haug from Culpeper Air Fest and our WWI expert J.R. Williams who’s fresh back from a visit to the Red Baron’s home.  Dan Haug and his team have put together what’s being called the “best little air show on the east coast”.  The all-star cast of performers can be seen by using the Quick Link posted below. Showtime is 8pm ET this Tuesday 10/4/16.  Call in and join the conversation . QUICK LINK:  Culpeper Air Fest STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE:  warbirdradio   Warbird Radio LIVE! - Culpeper Air Fest - Episode 607 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('9', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - Culpeper Air Fest - Episode 607', ''); Read More →

NEWS – Frank Tiano Says He’s Running For AMA President – 2016

WARBIRD RADIO – Legendary modeler, businessman and creator of the TOP Gun World Championship –  Frank Tiano says he’s running for President of the Academy of Model Aeronautics (AMA).  Mr. Tiano made an appearance on Warbird Radio LIVE and talked about why he’s decided to start a “write-in” campaign for the 2016 election.  His name won’t be on the official ballot because of reasons Tiano explains during the interview. RC Scale Builder Show host Mike Chilson and numerous award winning model aviation enthusiasts have endorsed Mr. Tiano in hopes he’ll successfully improve the AMA, especially in regards to their current relationship with the Federal Aviation Administration.  The complete interview is available below.  Thanks for tuning in! QUICK LINK:  Frank Tiano Photo courtesy of David Hart:  Warbird and RC Airplane Photography Warbird Radio LIVE! - Frank Tiano for AMA President Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('10', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - Frank Tiano for AMA President', ''); Read More →

Sheppard AFB Air Show 2016 – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 606

WARBIRD RADIO – In celebration of the 75 years that Sheppard has been training airmen, they’re holding the 2016 Open House & Air Show this September 17-18th and you’re invited.  Today, Sheppard Air Force Base is the most diverse training base in the U.S. Air Force.  Sheppard’s two primary missions include the Air Force’s largest technical training operation along with the world’s only internationally manned and managed pilot training program.  Hear all the details on this episode! Also on this episode, we’ll start our series on small town aviation events as the summer winds down and the fall flying season picks up.  Plus, Frank Tiano will also be joining us with a look at why he’s running for the President position at the Academy of Model Aeronautics.  Don’t miss a minute of this episode!  LIVE event begins 8/30/16 at 8pm ET / Podcast will follow. STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 QUICK LINK:  Sheppard Air Force Base QUICK LINK:  Frank Tiano Warbird Radio LIVE! - Sheppard AFB Air Show - Episode 606 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('11', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - Sheppard AFB Air Show - Episode 606', ''); Read More →

The Texas Warbird Report – Mid America Flight Museum & Cold War Air Museum – Ep 17

WARBIRD RADIO  – An all new Texas Warbird Report with Zane Adams is on the air! Join us for a conversation with Scott Glover from the Mid America Flight Museum in Mount Pleasant, Texas. Scott will give us an update on the museum’s new acquisitions, including a Grumman Albatross and General Hap Arnold’s C-47! Jon Boede from the Cold War Air Museum is also on the show. Jon will bring us up to speed on museum happenings, air show appearances for their flying MI-24 “Hind” Helicopter as well as information on the upcoming open house and cockpit fest at their home airport in Lancaster, Texas. STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE:  warbirdradio QUICK LINK: Mid America Flight Museum QUICK LINK: Cold War Air Museum   The Texas Warbird Report - Episode 17 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('12', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'The Texas Warbird Report - Episode 17', ''); Read More →

The Martin Mars and Monty Roberts – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 605

WARBIRD RADIO – Wayne Coulson, CEO and President of Coulson Flying Tankers joins Matt Jolley with a look into the world of the Martin Mars.  Many aviators saw the Mars in person during AirVenture 2016 but now is your chance to call in and speak with Mr. Coulson about this awesome aircraft.  Additionally, Mr. Coulson will share details on their new program The Ultimate Flying Experience:  Fly the Martin Mars! To find out more just click the Quick Link posted below. Horse Whisperer Monty Roberts also joins the conversation highlighting his program Horse Sense & Healing for veterans and first responders suffering with Post Traumatic Stress issues. is devoted to telling the stories of our Airmen past and present and services like Mr. Roberts go a long way towards helping veterans suffering with PTSD live productive lives.  Tune in for the details tonight and visit the Quick Link below for additional information.  Thanks for tuning in! STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 QUICK LINK:  The Ultimate Flying Experience QUICK LINK:  Horse Sense & Healing Program   Warbird Radio LIVE! - The Martin Mars - Episode 605 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('13', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - The Martin Mars - Episode 605', ''); Read More →


Finding Fairchild

WARBIRD RADIO – Every aviator dreams of finding an old airplane.  Here’s your chance to tag along and pull an old Fairchild 24 out of the woods.  Jason Barnett is one of the most creative minds in aviation art and his one-of-a-kind inventions often start with finding something like the Fairchild 24.  Enjoy the video and visit the Quick Link below for more information on Jason Barnett.  Thanks for watching!

USAF 68th Anniversary DC Flyover!

WARBIRD RADIO – Go behind the scenes of the USAF 68th Anniversary flyover.  This video was taken from inside the Delaware Aviation Museum’s B-25 “Panchito” during the historic flyover celebrating the 68th Birthday of the United States Air Force.  You can watch from the front office as we fly over Bolling Air Force Base and huge birthday celebration goes on down below.  Enjoy the video!

QUICK LINK:  Delaware Aviation Museum

C-46 Tinker Belle’s Pass & Review!

WARBIRD RADIO – Watch as the C-46 “Tinker Belle” performs a pass and review during the annual Warbirds Over Monroe Air Show.  “Tinker Belle” is operated by the Warriors & Warbirds association in Monroe, North Carolina and she’s owned by the City of Monroe.  “Tinker Belle” is probably the last WWII era aircraft owned and flown by a city in the United States.

QUICK LINK:  Warriors & Warbirds

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