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Go Inside Stormin’ Norman Schwarzkopf’s EC-135 – Photo Tour!

WARBIRD RADIO – During Desert Storm this EC-135 served as General Norman Schwarzkopfs personal airplane. It’s normally off limits but thankfully our camera was allowed inside.  This airplane is truly a time capsule…it’s relatively untouched (there’s still paper in the paper shredder). Be sure to keep an eye out for the Millennium Falcon on the dash and the four hearts on the chair.  The EC-135 is currently on display at the Museum of Aviation in Warner Robins, Georgia. BOEING EC-135 “Strato Tanker” Details & Specs (Courtesy Of – The Museum of Aviation’s Website) While the KC-135A is usually used for in-flight refueling, the EC-135N is a modified version used in various testing programs. Similar to the commercial Boeing 707, the slightly smaller KC-135 was designed to military specifications and operated at higher gross weights. The initial flight of a KC-135A took place on 31 August 1956, and the USAF accepted its first one on 31 January 1957.  By 1966, 732 KC-135As had been built and the aircraft had become the USAF’s standard tanker. It was also used for transporting cargo or personnel, and by 1970 was serving in other roles too, including reconnaissance, electronic intelligence gathering, and project testing.  Updated KC-135 Stratotankers, EC-135 command posts, and RC-135 reconnaissance aircraft continue to serve in large numbers. The EC-135N on display was delivered to the USAF in November 1961 as a C-135A and assigned to the 1611th Air Transport (Heavy) Wing at McGuire AFB, New Jersey. In August 1966 it was transferred to the Eastern Test Range, at Patrick AFB, Florida and converted to an EC-135N for test purposes. In December 1975 it was moved to the 4950th Test Wing at Wright-Patterson AFB, Ohio. In June 1987 it was transferred to the 19th Air Refueling Wing here at Robins AFB, Georgia where it served as an airborne command post. In the 1990s it was transferred to the Headquarters Central Command (CENTCOM) at MacDill AFB FL. During Desert Storm it served as General Norman Schwarzkopfs aircraft, ferrying him to and from the Middle East.  It remained at MacDill AFB serving other CENTCOM Commanders until February 2003 when it was retired to the Museum for display. SPECIFICATIONS: (Data for KC-135A) Span: 130 feet 10 inches Length: 136 feet 3 inches Height: 41 feet 8 inches Weight: 300,000 lbs. loaded Armament: None Engine: Four Pratt & Whitney J57 turbojet engines of 13,750 lbs, thrust each with water injection Crew: Four (plus 80 troops) Cost:  $3,436,000 PERFORMANCE: Maximum speed: 606 mph Cruising speed: 512 mph Range: 8,673 miles Service ceiling: 50,000 feet QUICK LINK:  Museum of Aviation PHOTO TOUR [Show as slideshow] 123►  Read More →

Warbird Radio LIVE! – Safety Month Kickoff With Sean D. Tucker – 03/03/15 – 8pm (EASTERN)

WARBIRD RADIO – March is Safety Month on Warbird and we’re honored to have legendary aviator Sean D. Tucker on Warbird Radio LIVE to kick things off.  With more than 20,000 flight hours, Sean D. Tucker is “Aerobatics’ Own Ambassador”. Fiercely competitive, Sean readily admits he was once afraid of flying. To conquer his fears, he enrolled in an aerobatic training course. By 1988, Sean was crowned the U.S. National Advanced Category Aerobatic Champion and is now one of the premiere air show performers and aerobatic pilots in the world.  Tune in this Tuesday evening 03/03/15 at 8pm (EASTERN) for candid safety discussion.  For more information on Sean D. Tucker and Tutima Academy click on the Quick Link posted below.  Thanks for tuning in! QUICK LINK:  Team Oracle QUICK LINK:  Tutima Academy STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio EMAIL: Warbird Radio LIVE! - Safety Month Sean D. Tucker - Episode 557 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('1', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - Safety Month Sean D. Tucker - Episode 557', ''); Read More →

Texas Warbird Report – Taylor Stevenson – Episode 5

WARBIRD RADIO – Taylor Stevenson joins Zane Adams this Tuesday 2/24/15 for an all new episode of The Texas Warbird Report.  Tune in and hear the latest news from Taylor’s hangar and much more.  Show time is 9pm (EASTERN) right here on Warbird   STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio EMAIL: The Texas Warbird Report - Taylor Stevenson - Episode 5 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('2', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'The Texas Warbird Report - Taylor Stevenson - Episode 5', ''); Read More →

Warbird Radio LIVE! – Harvard Extreme’s Rick Volker – Episode 556

WARBIRD RADIO – Aviator Rick Volker joins Matt Jolley on Warbird Radio LIVE! 2/24/15 at 8pm (EASTERN) to talk about his new act Harvard Extreme!  Imagine a T-6 “Harvard” flying a routine like a modern aerobatic airplane.  That’s the premise for Rick’s new air show act. Rick Volker is an accomplished aerobatic performer and competition pilot who truly loves vintage military aircraft.  He’s flown the ME-109, Spitfire, T-6 and many more.  Today, he combines his competition experience and love for warbirds to create Harvard Extreme.  Hear his story tonight! FYI…the guys from will also join Matt with a look at this week’s headlines! QUICK LINK:  Rick Volker’s Website QUICK LINK: Warbirds News STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio EMAIL: Warbird Radio LIVE! - Rick Volker - Episode 556 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('3', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - Rick Volker - Episode 556', ''); Read More →

Monday’s Take A Look! – Harvard Extreme’s Rick Volker

WARBIRD RADIO – Rick Volker is a man who knows how to make the best of a bad situation.  A few years ago he experienced an engine failure in his Sukhoi Su-26.  Rick spotted a small airfield off his wing and landed, completely unaware that inside the airfield’s hangar were some of the world’s most sought after warbirds.  Rick would soon become the aviator who flew them.  Talk about turning a bad situation into a good one! Rick will join Matt Jolley this week on Warbird Radio LIVE! to talk about his new air show act “Harvard Extreme”.  The premise is simple:  fly the T-6 like a modern aerobatic airplane.  Rick has even competed with his Harvard in aerobatic competitions.  Hear his story this Tuesday (2/24/15) at 8pm EASTERN on Warbird Radio LIVE! Here’s little more about Rick Volker according to Rick Volker entered the competition aerobatic world by storm, winning numerous regional Unlimited contests, such as the Can-Am, Henry Haigh, and Kathy Jaffe Challenges. Rick is a former competitor in athletic events such as swimming, speed skating, bicycle racing, cross-country skiing and body building. Such is the type of conditioning required to fly at this level, as it tests the limits of human endurance. While flying Unlimited aircraft, Rick alternates between plus-11 and minus-9 Gs often in the same maneuver. Unlimited pilots train for this type of extreme flying with the same intensity as any other fitness sport. He has competed in aerobatic competitions for many years in high performance aircraft such as the Pitts Biplanes and Sukhoi monoplanes. Rick is known for flying the WWII Supermarine Spitfire MK IX in a spectacular display of surface level aerobatics. He is one of a few pilots in the world qualified to fly the rare Messerschmitt Bf109E, and has flown the same serial number Bf109 as Hans-Joachim Marseilles in an air show dogfight routine vs. the Hawker Hurricane. His other qualifications include brilliant displays of the Hawker Hurricane MK XII and the Harvard Mk. IV. He was a member of the exclusive Canadian Heritage Flight team where he has flown the Spitfire Mk.IX in close formation with the CF-18 fighter. He is a piston warbird, high performance, and formation aerobatic ACE (Aerobatic Competency Evaluator). There is a common theme in all of Rick’s displays: complete mastery of the aircraft’s possible flight envelope, pushing the boundaries of both low and high speed limits, and artfully utilizing the smallest 3 D space to create a masterpiece of entertainment. Rick is featured on the PBS series “The Aviators” Season 1, Episode 8. QUICK LINK:  Rick Volker’s Website      Read More →

Friday Favorite: The Denny May Story – Warbird Radio LIVE! – Episode 244

WARBIRD RADIO – Here’s this week’s Friday Favorite!  In 2011 we interviewed Denny May (son of W.R. May) who told us his father’s famous story of encountering the infamous Red Barron.  This show ranks among my top favorites since the stories are so seldom told.  Mr. May’s famous encounter is arguably one of the most debated moments in aviation history.  Who shot down the Red Barron? The only part of the story that is not contested is the fact Mr. May was chased and narrowly escaped.  Hear the story this Friday with you own ears and see some exclusive pictures below as well.  Until next week! V/R Matt Jolley Warbird Radio LIVE! ORIGINAL STORY:  Next week is the kick off of League Week II.  Let’s look back at day three of our 1st WWI Aviation History Week…with the son of legendary aviator W.R. “WOP” May.  Mr. Denny May will not only tell the story of his father’s encounter with the infamous Red Barron, he will also share many additional stories about his father’s flying career.  This is a show you simply don’t want to miss.  The fun starts at 10am (EASTERN) right here on Warbird Radio.  Thanks for listening! QUICK LINK:  W.R. “WOP” May QUICK LINK:  The League of WWI Historians STUDIO LINE:  478.787.4768 SKYPE:  warbirdradio EMAIL: W.R. “WOP” May Photo Gallery [Show as slideshow] Warbird Radio LIVE! - WWI Avaition Week Day 3 - Denny May - Episode 244 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('4', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - WWI Avaition Week Day 3 - Denny May - Episode 244', ''); Read More →

From The Archive – Photo Tour of the CAF Dixie Wing’s SBD Dauntless

WARBIRD RADIO – This particular SBD Dauntless is one of my all time favorites.  When I was a child, this particular SBD was in the care of the Corpus Christi Wing of the CAF.  During WWII my grandfather was a tail-gunner on a Dauntless similar to this one.  When I was growing up, the SBD looked nothing like it does today (can you believe it was kept outside), but my grandfather loved it. My family was involved with the wing back then, so dad routinely took my grandfather out to see his beloved SBD.  It was his connection to the SBD that showed me what these airplanes truly represent. Today, my grandfather is gone but his stories and his generation’s sacrifice is still known because of these flying memorials.  The Dixie Wing of the Commemorative Air Force in Peachtree City, Georgia lovingly restored the SBD several years ago and today “it is as it was” during WWII.  According to the Dixie Wing’s website the specs below are for their SBD Dauntless.  Enjoy the photo tour (over 4 pages posted at the bottom of the page)! FYI…you can take a flight on this Dauntless and help keep the history alive!  Click the Quick Link for more information on the Dixie Wing and their flight experiences. V/R, Matt Jolley Warbird Radio LIVE! QUICK LINK:  Dixie Wing General characteristics Crew: 2 Length: 33 ft 1¼ in (10.09 m) Wingspan: 41 ft 6�…oe in (12.66 m) Height: 13 ft 7 in (4.14 m) Wing area: 325 ft² (30.19 m²) Empty weight: 6,404 lb (2,905 kg) Loaded weight: 9,359 lb (4,245 kg) Max. takeoff weight: 10,700 lb (4,853 kg) Powerplant: 1 × Wright R-1820-60 radial engine, 1,200 hp (895 kW) Performance Maximum speed: 255 mph (222 knots, 410 km/h) at 14,000 ft (4,265 m) Cruise speed: 185 mph (161 knots, 298 km/h) Range: 1,115 mi (970 nmi, 1,795 km) Service ceiling: 25,530 ft (7,780 m) Rate of climb: 1,700 ft/min (8.6 m/s) Wing loading: 32.9 lb/ft² (140.6 kg/m²) Power/mass: 8.92 lb/hp (5.42 kg/kW) Armament Guns: **2 × 0.50 in (12.7 mm) forward-firing synchronized Browning M2 machine guns in engine cowling 2 × 0.30 in (7.62 mm) flexible-mounted Browning machine gun in rear Bombs: 2,250 lb (1,020 kg) of bombs PHOTO TOUR [Show as slideshow] 1234►  Read More →

The Hartman & Heins Show – Pacific Fighter’s John Muszalla II – Episode 2

WARBIRD RADIO – The Hartman & Heins Show is all new tonight (2-17-15) with John Muszalla II from Pacific Fighters!  Hear all the latest news from the Muszalla’s shop plus much more.  As usual, the guys will be taking your calls and questions via the contact information below. For more information on John Muszalla check out the Pacific Fighter’s website in the Quick Link posted below.  Thanks for tuning in!  Show time is 9pm (EASTERN). QUICK LINK:  Pacific Fighters STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio EMAIL: The Hartman And Heins Show - John Muszalla - Episode 15 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('5', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'The Hartman And Heins Show - John Muszalla - Episode 15', ''); Read More →

Warbird Radio LIVE! – Goss Hawk Unlimited – TUESDAY – 2/17/15 – 8pm EASTERN

WARBIRD RADIO – Matt Jolley welcomes Dave and Lindsey Goss from Goss Hawk Unlimited to Warbird Radio LIVE this Tuesday 02/17/15 at 8pm (EASTERN).  Hear the latest news from their restoration shop and much more. We’ll also check in with aviation photographer Lyle Jansma, about an upcoming photography clinic and hear all the happenings from Richard and Mo at  It’s going to be an action packed show so tune in and call in with your comments and questions. QUICK LINK:  Goss Hawk Unlimited QUICK LINK:  Warbirds News STUDIO LINE:  478-787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio EMAIL: PHOTO TOUR: Warbird Radio LIVE! - Goss Hawk Unlimited - Episode 555 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('6', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio LIVE! - Goss Hawk Unlimited - Episode 555', ''); Read More →

Take A Look At Goss Hawk Unlimited!

WARBIRD RADIO – This week we’re featuring the work of Goss Hawk Unlimited in Casa Grande, Arizona.  Dave Goss along with his family and team are doing incredible work on some of the rarest warbirds in existence.  Here’s a little background on Mr. Goss according to his Born into an Air Force family, Dave Goss realized his love for aviation at an early age. His father served as a navigator/bombardier on B-17’s and as a navigator in Lockheed C-130’s. Dave enlisted in the United States Army, and served in Vietnam as a gunner/crew chief in helicopters. After completing his tour in Vietnam, Dave served out the terms of his enlistment in Germany as a helicopter mechanic; it seemed a natural step that Dave take what he learned in the Army, and apply it to his civilian life. When he arrived home from Germany, Dave enrolled in Embry-Riddle University’s Maintenance and Technology program. Dave received his A&P license, and from there he began his career in aviation. His first job was overhauling Pratt and Whitney J-57 and TF-30 jet engines at Naval Air Rework Facility (NARF) in Norfolk, Virginia. After three years of working on jet engines, Dave went to work on de Havilland Caribous and Lockheed Electras in Kwajalein in the Marshall Islands. Dave moved to Arizona and enrolled in the Aeronautical Engineering Technology program at Arizona State University. While attending ASU he met the people at the Champlin Fighter Museum in Mesa, Arizona and went to work for them as a mechanic in 1983 working on WWI, WWII, Korean and Vietnam era aircraft. Eventually Dave rose to the position of General Manager of the Champlin Fighter Museum. In May of 1995, Dave Goss started GossHawk Unlimited with only one employee, and he used the former Champlin Fighter Museum’s restoration hangar as his shop. Dave Goss’s knowledge and attention to detail in the restoration of vintage aircraft is second to none, and has earned him a reputation as a leader in the aircraft restoration industry. In a recent conversation with daughter Lindsey Goss (who also works in the shop) she relayed the team is busy working on two Focke-Wulf Fw 190 projects, the only airworthy PB4Y Privateer, an Erco turret that was on a PB4Y, and other maintenance projects.   Lindsey also said that an interesting potential project in their hangar is an A-20 Havoc, which is awaiting a new owner. Stay tuned to Warbird Radio LIVE this Tuesday (02-17-15) at 8pm for a full update  from Dave and his team!  Thanks for listening. QUICK LINK:  Goss Hawk Unlimited  Read More →

FRIDAY FAVORITE: Warbird Radio Presents – The Tom Reilly Story

P-40 recently restored inside Tom Reilly’s hangar. Notice the B-17 landing gear on the floor?? WARBIRD RADIO –   Take a trip down memory lane and listen to this week’s Friday Favorite!  Here’s the story of our first visit with restoration legend Tom Reilly. In October of 2009, I’d just given up the anchor desk for FOX news in Georgia and soon found myself in Tom Reilly’s hangar in Douglas, Georgia. had been on the air all of a month but Tom showed me around like I’d been in business for years. His hospitality has been the same ever since and always memorable.  For years I’d heard about Tom’s work and had been a fan of his since I was kid. His restoration track record is impressive and perhaps unmatched, 10 B-25’s, 2 B-17’s and a B-24 plus countless others. Listening to Tom’s interview is not only a trip down memory lane it’s a great example of what it’s like to visit Tom’s hangar on any given day. There are projects and old airplane parts everywhere and the work continues no matter who’s there. Tom’s shop is a living, breathing embodiment of his passion for warbirds and the stories they tell. Sure it’s a business, but it’s his obsession with these flying machines that drive him forward. Take a listen and enjoy the tour of Mr. Reilly’s world. P.S. – there are some really neat “early” pictures of the XP-82.  Till next week!  Matt Jolley Original Story (10/26/09): Tom Reilly shows us around his hangar in Douglas, Georgia.  You’ll get up close and personal with the P-40 and numerous other airplanes Tom is working on.  Click on the picture gallery below for a photo tour of Tom’s shop.  Thanks for listening. P-40 Photo Tour & Hangar Tour [Show as slideshow] 123► [Show as slideshow] 1234► Warbird Radio Presents - The Tom Reilly Story [ 21:48 ] Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('7', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio Presents - The Tom Reilly Story', ''); Read More →

UPDATE: Warbird Radio Presents – History Flight & B-25 “H” Barbie III

WARBIRD RADIO – Here’s one from the archive, on this episode we tour the world’s only flying example of a B-25 “H” model.  History Flight operates and tours all over the USA with Barbie III in an effort to raise funds for the recovery of fallen members of the United States armed forces.  Each year History Flight returns to the south Pacific to locate soldiers missing in action from WWII.  Hear their story this week during a special Warbird Radio Presents.  For more info on History Flight and how you can help…just use the Quick Link posted below.   STORY UPDATE:  Warbird Radio has learned that the Barbie III / B-25 “H” is for sale!  Here’s your chance to own a rare WWII relic that’s still flying.  Courtesy Aircraft’s Mark Clark has indicated the seller is motivated and price was recently reduced.  Click on the link below to learn more. QUICK LINK:  Buy The Barbie III QUICK LINK:  History Flight BARBIE III PHOTO GALLERY [Show as slideshow] 12► Warbird Radio Presents - Barbie III & History Flight Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('8', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'Warbird Radio Presents - Barbie III & History Flight', ''); Read More →

Tyndall AFB Lands One-of-a-Kind F-22 Fuel Systems Trainer

WARBIRD RADIO – Tyndall Air Force Base is home to the world’s largest F-22 Raptor fleet, and the only base that trains their pilots and now maintainers. According to a recent news release, to ensure that the aircraft stays mission ready, Tyndall AFB has acquired a one-of-a-kind fuels system trainer (FST), making Tyndall the only base where Airmen can go to complete the fuels and On Board Inert Gas Generating System (OBIGGS) training. “The system provides an overview of the Raptor’s fuel system and the OBIGGS, which is used to pressurize the aircraft and provide fire suppression,” said Tech. Sgt. James Harper, the 372nd Training Support Squadron Detachment 4 F-22 Raptor fuels system instructor. “It is valuable to Tyndall (AFB) and Airmen, especially for the newer ones who do not have any aircraft experience.” Airmen now have an opportunity to see how the system works on a life-size replica of the Raptor’s fueling system during the course. “This course is helpful because you get a more in-depth view of your job,” said Senior Airman Ryan Pickard, a 325th Maintenance Squadron fuels system journeyman. “This course gives you the knowledge of the components that otherwise you would have to dig into theory on your own for,” Pickard said. “With this replica, new Airmen that are just now jumping on the jet will get a stress free environment to learn how to remove and install parts taking that to the flightline to make minimal mistakes.” According to Harper, with this course, Airmen will develop a better understanding of what is around them. Whether it is checking the fuel system, when engines are running or when pilots are preparing to take off. “Airmen can better understand the problems if they are out responding to a ‘red ball,’ an immediate problem with the aircraft, when talking to a pilot,” Harper said. “They will know they are not just getting a code telling them something is wrong. They will actually understand why it is wrong.” Since Tyndall AFB has the service’s only F-22 FST, Airmen from Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Virginia; Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska; and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, come to train on the system. “Overall, hopefully this course puts out a better working class of maintainers for aircraft fuels to benefit the flight line and pilot safety,” Harper said. STORY COURTESY USAF:  Written By Airman 1st Class Sergio A. Gamboa, 325th Fighter Wing Public Affairs ABOUT THE PHOTO:  Airmen in the fuels and On Board Inert Gas Generating System training course learn how the fuels system of an F-22 Raptor works Feb. 2, 2015, at Tyndall Air Force Base, Fla. Airmen from Joint Base Langley-Eustis, Va.; Joint Base Elmendorf-Richardson, Alaska; and Joint Base Pearl Harbor-Hickam, Hawaii, come to Tyndall to train on the system. (U.S. Air Force photo/Airman 1st Class Sergio A. Gamboa)  Read More →

The R/C Scale Builder Show – Bob’s Hobby Center

WARBIRD RADIO – Join Mike Chilson and friends Tuesday, February 10th at 9:00pm ET (6:00pm PT) as the RC Scale Builder Show returns LIVE. This episode our guest will be Steve Thomas of Bob’s Hobby Center. Be sure to join us LIVE to learn more about BHC and ask Steve your questions. Also, get other info from the world of R/C Scale Building. Your participation is encouraged. To join in on the conversation just use the contact info below. Thanks for listening! QUICK LINK: The R/C Resource STUDIO LINE: 478 787-4768 SKYPE: warbirdradio LIVE CHAT: Click Here To Chat The RC Scale Builder Show - Episode 106 Play Now | Play in Popup | Download podPressShowHidePlayer('9', '', 290, 24, 'false', '', 'The RC Scale Builder Show - Episode 106', ''); Read More →


From The Archive! A-10 West Demo Highlights – 2010 Alberta International Airshow!

WARBIRD RADIO – From the archive:  Here’s some vintage Joe Shetterly.  Check out Joe’s awesome demonstration flight during the 2010 Alberta International Airshow! Be sure to listen to his interview on Warbird Radio LIVE for some cool back ground info.  Enjoy!

QUICK LINK:  Rifle Air Shows

Tour The B-25 “H” Model

WARBIRD RADIO – Take a quick video tour of the world’s only flying B-25 “H” model… Barbie III.  For more info the Barbie III click on the Quick Link posted below.  Be sure and check out our Photo Tour, Gun Video and special Warbird Radio Presents on this historic airplane.  Thanks for watching!

QUICK LINK:  Photo Tour & Full Story

Air To Air With Jim Tobul’s F4U Corsair Over Florida!

WARBIRD RADIO – Ride a long as Larry Kelley’s B-25 Panchito and Jim Tobul’s F4U Corsair practice some formation flying over Florida.  Enjoy the video!  For more on both airplanes just use the Quick Links posted below.  Thanks for watching.

QUICK LINK:  B-25 Panchito

QUICK LINK:  Jim Tobul’s F4U Corsair

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